Monday, August 25, 2008

Stuff You Should Know About My Weekend

This weekend, I had a rare opportunity to stand barefoot in the street as the sun was setting and chat with my neighbors. My kids were already in bed, so I had all the lovely ladybirds to myself. I seriously live on an entire block of hot moms... and they are ALL super nice to top it off (gross, I know). Chattin up the hood is one of my favorite things to do, but I never feel like I've had my fill when I see people out and about because there is always a dozen or so kids hanging off of me.

But not Saturday night!

So, as iI discovered in my interruption-free conversation, my fabulous neighbor Alyssa decided to start a home business. She is making custom cakes. She tied me down and forced me to sample one of her rough drafts she is making for a friend's wedding... HOOOOOOOLY SOMETHING SACRILEGIOUS, it was AMAZING. She said she is going to try to stick with wedding cakes for now, because they will be most cost effective... BUT, if you have some fantastic event coming up or you happen to be gettin hitched soon... you need her. She also showed me a birthday cake she made for a family member recently. The girl is going places. Hit me up if you're hungry.

Sunday... I got to hold a tiny new baby. Tiny new babies aren't generally my thing ("WHAT??!?, you say? She runs a daycare for crying out loud!!?!?!?") Oh, yes, my friends, I think that is precisely why I do not LOVE the tiny ones. They are just so needy and fragile up front, its hard to get to know them and grow to love them, get them on a schedule, etc (when they're my responsibility, anyway....) Once a couple months go by and all of their 'issues' are worked out, we can play... but anyways. I do LOVE tiny new babies that don't belong to me and happen to belong to someone dear. I LOVE being included from the start in the first family chapter, seeing that look in a new mother's eyes, and in a new father's eyes... I love the smell of the hospital, and the top of their heads, and seeing what color their eyes are and which parent they look like. I love hearing the birth stories, and hearing the parent's use their child's name for the first time with a little face to match it to. And this particular new baby girl... baby Ashlynn, belongs to an old friend from long ago who still has a special place in my life. And now we have become kindred spirits in motherhood, and I think that is wild.

Also. Sunday afternoon, Anabelle and I made a special trip to WalMart on a quest for a big toy prize for her potty training accomplishment. It is finished. I thought this day would never come... I feel like ordering a cake to celebrate. HA! A toilet cake. (What is it about bathroom humor that is so funny, anyways?)

This week, I have a new baby starting in my daycare. I know this is a great fit, the baby is adorable and sweet... but any time a new kid starts its a crazy week while we all get used to each other. So, I will have my hands full and you may not hear much from me. And, its a short week, on Friday I am closed and jumping on a plane to party the long weekend away WITH NO CHILDREN in Arizona with Chels.

I'm sure you'll be hearing about that one next week... then again, maybe not...(heh)


Beatrice Blount said...

want cake. mmmmm.

Anonymous said...

Oh Beth, I'm so glad I found your Blog!!! I've been reading it for hours ever since Saturday!! Love, it, love it, love it!

:)) Kim