Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Im As Giddy As My School Boy...

... that TODAY is BACK TO (pre)SCHOOL!

Oh, that's right. Im sayin it. IVE BEEN COUNTING THE DAYS until Dawson spends a few short mornings a week in someone else's care doing someone else's carefully planned activities.
I didn't realize how much Dawson I both appreciate his mornings away from home until last June when magically... HE WAS ALWAYS AROUND.

Dawson is a BUSY kid, who is EXTREMELY socially curious (that's a nice way of saying... um, he likes to measure 'cause and effect...'). I just don't have enough hands at times to busy his amazingly brilliant yet always wandering mind, and put his overabundance of energy to good use. And at times, it has been frustrating for BOTH of us.

But all of that changed again this morning, bright and early, when Dawson woke up after a night that cost him hours of sleep for all the excitement... to his surprise brand new BATMAN lunch box.

Tyson made him ketchup (with a little bit of eggs and cheese) for breakfast (grooooossssss!)... and I supplemented the man feast with a side of cottage cheese and some nectarines. He hardly ate ANY of it, because he was, again, SO EXCITED.

He dressed himself and was ready AN HOUR before he needed to leave, looking almost as handsome as his Daddy...

... and the next think I knew, me and half the children in town were heading out the door to give Dawson a send-off parade and meet Kaeden!

Then, he kissed his leading lady (for now, anyways...)

And she body-slammed him back...

And the angels started to sing as I loaded him into the carpool wagon and he headed down the street toward school.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Fall?

Well, I'm pretty sure Back to School brings our relationship to a whole new level...


Rachel said...

Oh my gosh! He was so cute this morning, so excited. I hope it went well!

The Bitchy Wife said...

Seriously Beth, your kids are so adorable looking! I always want to pinch their cheeks or something weird like that!