Wednesday, September 10, 2008

This Week's "Ty"lights

Oh, Tyson, how I love thee. Let me count the ways you've improved the quality of my life the last 48 hours:

1. The way you immediately JUMPED to (not stood at) attention and RAN (not walked) directly to Walgreen's at bedtime the other night when I was on the brink of hyperventilating over the 'poison oak under my eyes' scare after then discovering all our hydro cortisone cream was long expired.

*Bonus points for remembering milk while you were at it so I didn't have to get up extra early to make it thru the next day with the kids.

2. For surprising me with a new one of these THE DAY AFTER my last post:

*Bonus points for saving oodles of cash by finding it for CHEAP on Craigslist, and also for the presentation (leaving it to charge next to my laptop with a bow on it).

3. For spontaneously suggesting that we altar our Disneyland trip plans with the family this November by moving it up to NEXT WEEKEND, and for again taking the initiative to find CHEAP TICKETS on Craigslist.

*Bonus points for the hundreds of dollars this will save us when factoring in less missed work, less on total family admission cost, and fewer nights in a hotel... oh, and plus... NOW WE GET TO GO TO DISNEYLAND NEXT WEEKEND!!!!!!!!

4. For being the most thoughtful Dad on the planet by (once again) using your amazing bargain-shopping skills ($5 ea!) to grace our children's feet with their brand new surprise "Cozy Crocs!" (as Anabelle affectionately calls them) as you walked in the door from a hard day at work yesterday...
*Bonus points for the colors you picked out, and the way you shared the credit and reminded the kids to thank me as well, even tho I had NO idea you had done this for them...

5. For your amazing artistic handy work behind my back during my weekend away (I assume? displayed in this adorable shot of the little wickeds that mysteriously replaced an older picture on the piano last night...
*Bonus points for surprising me, and also for clean, matching, color co-ordinated outfits with combed and yes, even styled hair on both children. And (not to mention!) the way you never not even one time said anything to me about being gone for 4 days and leaving you alone with the kids that would make me feel guilty for a badly needed break.

Where can I even begin to say how thankful I am for you?


I love you.


Steph said...

good job tyson!!! any one of those things would have been total bonus points, put them all together? sheesh.

selloutpopstar said...

awe shucks sweetie. I love you and I am glad I made ya happy. thanks for the blog. love ya xoxo

lucinda! said...

tyson= 1 amazing man. but who am i telling, you already know!

The Bitchy Wife said...

Oh wow Tyson, you are like super-husband/dad! And good job, Beth, for pointing out his stellar behavior.

Anonymous said...

All I have to say is... he wants you to buy a REALLY cool toy tomorrow!