Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Pukiest Princess on Earth

Its so fun to have our kids be at an age (finally!) where we are learning more about them in terms of who they are vs. what they need all the time... as in feed me burp me hold me wipe my nose, etc.

Our family vacation revealed some new little tidbits about each of our kids and their personalities and their quirks.

For example, we learned that Dawson likes to be frightened. By frightened, I mean genuinely scared stupid. My three year old son is OBSESSED with the Abominable Snow Man, and even more so the big, fast, scary ROLLER COASTER RIDE that he lives on. He wants to know what the snow man eats, what his favorite color is, does he have a mom, and what is his last name. He can not, WILL NOT rest until he has been on the ride, gone thru the mountain, and seen him face to face no matter how terrifying it may be. And then, after he sits there on my lap so scared he can't move or breath practically the entire duration of the ride, he tells me its NOT scary, its NICE, and he wants to do it AGAIN.

Anabelle, on the other hand... well, lets just say that the fast and the furious is slightly less appealing to her, despite her intense desire to do everything her brother is currently living and breathing.

Classic case and point highlighted in the following for-instance:

In preparation for our upcoming car ride, I went down to the dollar store last week and picked up some snacks for the drive and a few other things to keep the kids busy with something other than super nanny (ie: portable DVD player). I grabbed a couple new boxes of crayons and some cute Disney themed coloring books, along with some giant pretzels, banana chips, trail mix, beef jerky, juice boxes... all semi-crappy snacks the kids don't usually get to eat.

When Anabelle started whining about an hour into the drive, I started pulling out the snacks. When the snacks got old around Solvang, I resorted to the coloring books since I knew they would be useless once the sun went down.

The books served their purpose faithfully for about 20 minutes or so, and then the whining started back up. We were literally 15 miles from our first scheduled stop for dinner at Tyson's Aunt's house in Santa Barbara.

At this point, I was a smidge annoyed, because C'MON. I had already danced like a good little monkey mom thru the hoops of fiery constant entertainment, and I needed them to sit tight for FIFTEEN MORE MINUTES.

I was just about to open the car door and shove her out when..... BLEEEEECH! Puke. Oh, goodie, there it is again.... my favorite thing. Remember all those tasty little dollar store snacks? Lets just say, I don't think anyone in our family will be eating trail mix or beef jerkey again for a loooooong time.

And so, it was determined that Miss Anabelle Lee... gets car sick/motion sick apparently. I figured she got the car sickness from me, since I seem to recall a few similar experiences in my youth, but come to find out Tyson's mom actually gets motion sick pretty badly too. Lucky little lady.

You would think I would have had the motion sickness thing figured out after the car incident, but no. I am a LOT thicker than that, apparently. And so, Mommy and Dawson, the fast ride lovers, decided it would be FUNNNNNN to go on the swinging ferris wheel ride in California Adventure rather than choosing the carriages that do NOT toss you around like a rag doll in a tornado.

In conclusion, I leave you with the rest of the story told in photo documentation from the begging to the end of the ride:


The Bitchy Wife said...

Oh my gosh, that last photo is the BEST! Her look says, "I hate you mommy! You are the meanest mom ever and you must have purposefully taken me on that ride knowing I was gonna hurl. But, if you give me something shiny I will love you again..." :)

The Bitchy Wife said...

Although, I could be biased because I had a little sister that I had to wake up for school in the morning. When I did, no matter how nicely, she would say, "I hate you! You are the meanest sister in the world! I wish you would die!" Thanks Addy. At least you like me now..

Rachel said...

Poor little thing! I get motion sickness, so I know how miserable it can be. I love the picture commentary though! Didn't seem to spoil the trip too much.

Steph said...

At first I thought Melinda's comment was about me, and she had been over here on your blog telling lies about me and I didn't even know it... then I remembered that we have that OTHER sister too haha