Friday, August 1, 2008

My Secret Double Life

This is what I was doing yesterday at 10AM, with my kids (and 3 other little banana bread baking helpers under my feet that you cant see or hear in this picture...):

AAAAnnnnnd, THIS is what I was doing yesterday at 10PM:

Highlights of the night included (in no particular order)

1. These tasty little Duchesses: and

2. Watching people judge watch Skylana

3. Finally living out this mighty dream with Carly:

4. The fact that my freaking awesome husband went to a Fergie concert with me and the girls and was a COMPLETE sport about it...

5. The SILFs...

And... last but NOT least would have to be

6. The Mom in the row ahead of us who Im preeeety sure was wearing the same outfit she gardened in all afternoon... to a FERGIE concert... where EVERYONE was sporting their party dresses and fake boobies... with her 2 school age daughters sitting next to her as she bounced around mouthing ALLLL the words to ALLLL the songs.


And, in case its not clear from the blog... I love Fergie. And Im not ashamed.

Fergalicious Def.

Fergalicious Def, Def.


Bonus Tracks

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