Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Source of Anabelle Lee

Recently, my Mom had some time off and took Dawson on a Costco outing with her. They took a detour to a used book shop in search of a 'how-to' book for a project my Mom is working on, and during their adventure they came across THIS treasure:

A children's book, with the poem for Anabelle's name sake, retold in beautiful illustration.

I love it, and was immediately excited about it. But because of the tragic nature of the story and also the slightly traumatizing pictures, I tucked the book away in my closet after browsing through it until a day that Anabelle could appreciate the story without being a bed wetter for the remainder of her adolescence.

A few days after the bookstore outing, out of the blue Dawson says to me, "Mom, wheres the new book? " I told him in his room on his dresser (Grandma had bought him a few others that same day) but he immediately cut me off... "No, not THOSE books, Mom. I'm talking about the book that is the source of Anabelle Lee!"

Um... OK. Sorry about that, Mr. Encyclopedia Britannica. Sheesh.

Its definitely not a bedtime story, and I know it seems a little dark and tragic to name your child after such a relic.

But this name is SO perfect for her, for SO many reasons, one of which being that something inside me is drawn to this poem for the parallel of the fierce and unwavering passion in young love that I found in my husband (tho apparently we didn't and don't love each other enough for the angels to off me, I suppose that's a good thing...??).

And, don't be all sick and twisted about it, but without realizing it at the time she was named for "grace and beauty," there is also an undeniable similarity to such a love between my children. They are so terribly passionate about the way they feel toward each other for (better or worse), and I know in my heart that because they are so close in age, even if they should become completely different adults that grow apart over time, they will always love and appreciate each other and the beauty of their childhood experience that revolves around the other.

Its eerie, really... how well the name fits her, and our family.

I love this love story... the source of Anabelle Lee:

"For the moon never beams without bringing me dreams of the beautiful Anabelle Lee. And the stars never rise, but I see the bright eyes of the beautiful Anabelle Lee."


Tanogginty said...

Excellent blog My Love. Such a perfect name for our beautiful girl. Keep up the wonderful blogs. I enjoy seeing what I miss during the days. I love you. You are amazing.


Dea said...

Thanks for writing this.