Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Teresey-Piecey and the Croc

Meet Terese, and her adorable husband, Lyle Lyle Crocodile ("Lyle," or "The Croc" for short...)

In addition to being ridiculously HOT, as you see in the picture above... they also happen to be 2 of my most favorite people. This blog is a tad behind, but a couple weekends ago, we both happened to have a free weekend so we accepted an invitation to drive up to see them in their new home in Santa Rosa.

I should mention: Terese and I worked together once-upon-a-happily-ever-after-childless-lifetime ago, and we both lived in Santa Barbara. She was dating Lyle at the time, and they have since tied the knot, and relocated to northern Ca to be closer to the fam and such.

One of the MANY reasons Terese is SO fantastic... is the fact that we are COMPLETELY different in a lot of things... our politics, our worldviews... our upbringings. But we still manage to have this respectful, meaningful, thoughtful relationship and I feel like we both just really appreciate where the other comes from and what they stand for without being able to personally relate much. Its a really cool friendship! (gush, gush, mush, mush...lesbian soul mate, yada yada...)

So, anyways... all this to say, that one of the many differences in our present lifestyles is the fact that WE have 2 monster children, whilst Terese and Lyle remain childless and undecided to boot. They DO have 2 dogs... Bootsey and Ella... (Pugs.... love them. And I hate little dogs!). So despite the fact that Terese and Lyle live a fabulous child-free lifestyle... they are SO warm and relaxed and accommodating and welcoming to our brood of vipers. Right down to the fact that Terese planned an ENTIRE kid-fun itinerary for every moment of the day on Saturday!

When we woke up, my kids (the demons) chased her kids (the dogs) thru the house, up and down the stairs, into every unexplored bedroom/bathroom/houseplant available. Terese then prepared this wonderful breakfast buffet of teeny boxed sugar cereals (seriously, my kids STILL talk about it),

and we headed down to the local farmer's market where we feasted on fresh fruit, and also bought some grown-up delicacies for dinner that night. Terese was SO cute, when she was telling me about the market plan, she said "I really want to go, because every time Lyle and I go, there are LOTS of people with adorable kids there having a great time, and this time I want to be the one with the adorable kids!" Um. I think she might be cured of the fantasy for awhile now? Just a guess.

After the market, we headed over to the city park... that was the mother of all parks. It had... water spouts. 3 or 4 play structures (different themes for different age groups). A working train on real tracks that ran around the perimeter of the whole park...

Oh, and did I mention the most FABULOUS part of all?... PONY RIDES!!! At a city park... on a real trail, not one of those silly little loop track thingies... $3/ea. Both the kids were in love, but Anabelle just about died and went to heaven. She still tells anyone who will listen about her Rusty horse, and about how "Goodnight pooped!" (The horse in front of us... all dark black... was named "Midnight." I think its the most adorable thing EVER that she calls him "Goodnight..." and yes, he did stop and poop for her. Probably to make her feel better for pooping HER panties just moments before, nearly costing me my sanity and her a severe beating... just kidding. But yah. She waited till she was soaking wet from the water spouts, then ran in the fake little saloon play structure and dropped a deuce of her own. Also... I didn't bring the wipes to the park. Fuuuuun!!! After that, Terese couldnt stop talking about how she wanted to go home and get started on having a baby right away, hahahaha.)

The rest of the day we spent going out for pizza, and lounging in the pool at Terese's aunt and uncle's house. We decided to fore go the usual nap time for the wee ones in hopes for an early bedtime so the adults could get some quality playtime in also. It worked like a charm, and before we knew it... we were enjoying THIS:

Yah, this is the ACTUAL view off their back deck. If I ever run away from home....hmmm. Better make my reservation now.

Oh, and then we fed our faces and had pillow fights in our underwear the rest of the night.

Like only old friends can!

We love you guys, thanks SO much for all the fun, and for putting up with all of us! Best vacay ever.



Anonymous said...

Omg!!! I love it! You make me feel so special :) We really had a great time with you AND YOUR KIDS....who, I want to set the record straight, were DELIGHTFUL. We will for sure plan a trip your way next.

Thank you for all the kind words...We really love you guys too.

xoxo- Terese

Anonymous said...

P.S. Only posting flattering pictures of me = sbff. -Terese

Anonymous said...

P.S. Only posting flattering pictures of me = sbff. -Terese