Sunday, August 3, 2008

Last Comic Standing

There has been an increasingly foul smell wafting thru our car for days.

I have NO idea what it is.

Our car is always cluttered, but usualy not unsanitary. But I suppose occasionally the clutter makes it hard to account for a hidden bowl of rotting human flesh or something, because it really, REALLY smells in the car and I can NOT find the source of it. ITS DRIVING ME INSANE, and it seems to be getting worse every day!

Last night we decided to eat out in the spirit of the family bonding day we'd shared. I loaded the kids into the car while Tyson finished rounding up the last minutes in the house, and when I went to climb in myself I almost passed out.

"MMMGFHHH! WHAT IS THAT SMELL!?!??!?!?!?!?," I ranted.

"OH, Im pretty sure ITS ANABELLE." Dawson said.

I turned around to get a look at him, because the way he said it implied that he was not merely offering a possible innocent explanation, but perhaps, just maybe (could it be? already at 3 years old?) he was... being sarcastic?

"Dawson, its not your sister," I said casually, trying not to glorify a potential new bad habit and hoping he couldn't tell I was on to him and slightly amused. Then, just to be clear I added "The smell that is coming from our car is a horrible smell like something is ROTTEN in here, not like a stinky diaper smell."

Dawson narrowed his bright blue eyes till they were as beady as a snake and without missing a beat muttered just above a whisper

"Anabelle is rotten."

Apparently I am no longer the only one in the family who thinks they are funny.

I think my mom was right, he is DEFINITELY my karma child.

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Steph said...

hahahahaha I can't even think of anything to say but I wish you had film of this stuff!