Monday, June 2, 2008

Improving Home Improvement

We've had so much going on in our "down time" the last few weeks I've been a little bit lagging on posting everything I'm thinking about.

So, here are a couple quick developments on the home front, while the kids are napping and I'm thinking about it:

1. We painted 2 of the previously red walls in our dining room. They are now a lovely shade of melted butter. No, thats really what its called, and its warm and salty and I keep having to remind myself that it scares the children when they see me licking the walls.

Why did we do it, you ask? Well, for one, who doesn't like change... and for 2, sometimes it felt like the red was closing in on you. There is still one giant wall in the dining room that remains velvety merlot, but the yellow gives an illusion of more room to breathe (or at least we think so). And that, (says the one and only Martha Stewart...) is a good thing.

Tyson also made window sills for all the kitchen windows. Someday the whole house will have them. It was kind of a project, but he did a great job and we are both baffled over why they weren't just put on to begin with. It looks SO clean! Nice job, dear.

So heres the before:

And the after:

Sorry, it didnt occur to me until now to take a picture of where the colors meet for contrast. Guess you'll just have to come over and see for yourselves (ha, you walked right into that one!).

And, awhile back, I added this valence to tie in the blue/green Ross bargain I posted on before. I cant decide if it would look funny to put a valence in the dining room too, especially with the shape of the window. Oh, decisions. Whatever shall I do???

Moving along.

2. MAJOR breaking news... Miss Anabelle Lee is potty princess in training. Shes been mildly interested for awhile now, but honestly I think I've been kind of a lazy parent in this case. Or at least I've been so busy with all the others that it hasnt been a priority. But we worked with her on it over the long weekend last week, and having a short week with less daycare kids allowed me to give her more time and attention to focus on being consistant with that. She's really doing great. It took a few failed attempts with Dawson before he was finally ready at nearly 3, so I expected the same from Anabelle. But so far, she doesnt seem to want to give up on it.

One night last week she came staggering down the hall at 11pm, Tyson and I were just about asleep and she busts thru the door and stammers "potty!" We almost brushed her off, but being the fantastic father that he is, Tyson peeled off her diaper and opened one eye enough to set her on our big toilet. Sure enough... she had in fact woken herself up to pee in the potty. She did almost the exact same thing again last night, and also seems to be having fewer accidents during the day.

Dare I say it aloud?... could freedom be approaching?

I have pictures of Kayla's bridal shower to post, and also some fun shots of our time with Austin/Tiffany clan.

There's another party this weekend that I'm going out of town for with some old gal pals for a reunion of sorts.

Oh, such a social calendar. Whats a girl to do?

Why, make time to blog it all, but of course!

Stay tuned. I know you'll hardly be able to sleep tonight.



Steph said...

oh I just LOVE the butter color!!! Its yummy!!! And kudos to Tyson on the window sill, it looks great!

Steph said...

Oh, and awesome that anabelle is potty training! haha I love the pic of her outside on the potty. so john and kate plus 8...