Friday, June 13, 2008

Its the End of the World As We Know It...

Lately I've been really thinking about the world.

Not in terms of political party.

Not in terms of how the economy effects my job's security.

Not in terms of how the cost of oil will force my poor little opressed soccer mom altar-ego to drive a honda to pick my kids up from school instead of a gas guzzling SUV.

But just standing back and looking at the biiiiig picture.

I hate what we are.

All of us. The whole world.

I think we are living in times like no other time before. We have bought and consumed ourselves to a place that is complete unmarked territory. I don't know that the blame can be pointed at any particular world leader, generation, or specific policy... all I know is that we need change like we have never in history needed it before.

I realize that I am a young little speck, still a little bright eyed and unexperienced with a flare for the dramatic... but in my humble speculation, what have we become? And more importantly, how do we mend it?

History books will say to us that economic cycling is an important part of domestic (and really global) industry. Its what makes everything tick in time and balance out. There has to be recession to be prosperity. I appreciate this.

But has there ever before been a time so hopeless... where seemingly every nation is shaking each other's hands with a dagger tucked behind their backs, we are killing our own kind and our environment for oil and power to no avail, we are depleting our natural resources one evaporating iceberg at a time, and no one seems to have a melting pot to piss in let alone dip in to for a small portion of the billions of non-existent dollars we need to help every day people at home and across oceans who have been devastated by hurricanes, tsunamis, floods, fires and earthquakes.

I am a worrier. I know, I know. Dont worry about things you cant control or change... stress is bad for your heart... It cause my skin to break out and look less than the perfect picture of the American dream!

But honestly. I feel a responsibility to do something for my kids. Not only because their faces might melt off from the hole my hairspray can is putting in their ozone layer. But because... look at what a selfish, defiant, destructive example we have set for ourselves that has somehow become the standard the entire world lives by.

I am going to start thinking long and hard (thats what she said) about what I can do. My vote might not count, but I think I can bring myself to walk my milk carton out to the recycle instead of chucking it into the trash can. My husband can carpool to work.

And Im going to keep thinking... and even worrying. I really hope everyone with a soul does the same thing.

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