Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Visitors

Wowooooooweee. My life is a whirlwind of summer chaos right now. Today is my little brother Kyle's birthday AND Jr.High promotion. This Saturday we are traveling to Santa Barbara for the day to celebrate Tyson's cousin's High School graduation, Sunday is Father's Day (x3), next week we have almost every single weeknight booked with potlucks and parties, Carly's birthday is next Friday, Chris and Kayla are getting married next Saturday... BLIMEY! When does the madness stop? Unfortunately... July looks like its filling up fast as well. I guess the up side in over scheduling is that MAYBE summer will fly by and I will be too busy with my juggling act to have my usual panic attack from the heat wave. That, or heat exhaustion will be the final straw for my frayed string of sanity, and I will finally have that nervous breakdown that is always looming just below the surface. If that is the case, lets hope the insane asylum has air conditioning.

That said, I had every intention of blogging each beautiful moment of Austin and Tiffany's stay with us last week. BUT... since it took me three nights to finish my car chime entry alone with all the constant disruptions and emergencies and also since the photos of their visit have been uploaded and rotting away in photobucket for over a week now... I think I'll just have to let the pictures tell their own tale.


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Rachel said...

That picture of Dawson and Tyson is classic! I LOVE it!