Thursday, June 26, 2008

Good Eats in Apple Valley

So, if your in the 'inner circle,' you know my 'secret someday' fantasy of opening a deli/bakery/coffee house type situation. You know, after I've successfully raised musical prodigy children and home schooled them right into the gates of Harvard, become a world reknowned hair stylist to the rich and famous and won a Grammy for my reality series based on my amazing skill, earn a college degree and become a nurse, no, make it doctor, stumble across a cure for cancer, started a non profit organization for under privileged children financed by my extra income from being paid to blog... and so on... I occasionally brainstorm prize winning menu items for my cafe in my down time. Sometimes, if your REEEEEEAAAAAL lucky and I like you and trust your good taste, I might bounce an idea or so off of you... ah, who am I kidding, prolly everyone who cares enough to read this already knows this twisted trivia about me and we've already planned the whooole thing out, right down to seasonal side dishes...

Anyways... Carly is obsessed with this chicken salad recipe, and it was her birthday dinner request recently so I got to fantasizing about it again myself... and its definitely going on the menu. Maybe its a little overboard to post my lunch experience from today on my blog, but... its really REALLY worth making, if you don't have a similar recipe of your own already. Particularly right now, as its a GREAT light summer dinner idea. I think I'm making it for our community potluck in the park this Monday... come try it! (Or... make it yourself and eat it at home in solitude, ya frigging hermit!):

Chicken Salad Worth Selling Your Soul For:

1 10-14oz can 98% Fat Free all white meat canned chicken*
1 large scoop mayo (I've used fat free sour cream before... I bet plain yogurt would even work)
3 tbsp minced onion
1 small diced apple
1 chopped celery stalk
1/2 c red seedless grapes, sliced in halves
1/4 c. chopped walnuts

*(This is the cheating way. You can also put a bunch of frozen boneless skinless chicken breast in your crock pot with chicken broth, slow cook it till it shreds, and wha-la! Same effect.)

Toss all ingredients into large mixing bowl.

In separate small mixing bowl, combine the following:

1 large spoonful mayo**
1 tbsp honey
1 tsp fresh lemon juice

**(I've used light mayo, fat free sour cream, and I bet even plain yogurt would do the trick too!)

Mix all this stuff up... let it sit for a few minutes so it all falls madly in love with eachother... then fold it into the chicken bowl of magic and stir it all together.

Serve it with these yummy crackers, or if you're feeling really naughty or serving it to a crowd you'd like to make fat, it is DELECTABLE on a crissont.

Ok, so seriously. I cared enough to photo journal this... go make it.



Steph said...

oh, this was the goodness I had on Friday! i was wondering what was in it. VERY yummy!

Monica said...

mmmmmm i'm so making that. I love chicken salad.