Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Floating Stinker Bugs

Dawson and Anabelle had their very first ever swim lessons on Monday at Paso Robles Swim and Tennis Club. There are only 3 kids in the class... Julie is the third! Perfect excuse to get together and have some girl time by the pool while the munchkins swim for dear life at the mercy of someone besides their mother.

They pretty much hate it, as you can tell...

I was actually a little bit surprised to see the uncertainty of the whole "dear LORD, the stranger I JUST MET wants me to TRUST her, and put my FACE in the water and SWIM?!?!??" realization as it occurred to my generally eager and outgoing kids.
But our darling Julie... who is a full year younger than Anabelle... was so cool as a cucumber, so loving the attention, and so willing to be dunked, motor boated, and flipped any direction the instructor saw fit that she actually ended up peer pressuring my older monsters into trying just about everything they were asked to do in the end.

Atta girl, Julie. I can't wait until they all get to school, and Julie can show them that 'all the cool kids listen to their teachers and do all their homework before their parents even ask them to...'
Also, on a side note... the Lions Club sponsors the swimming pool up the street so the kids can swim free all summer long. We've already spent a few afternoons there, and on Sunday our whole family went so that Tyson could take Dawson in the big pool (they usually just stay in the separate wading pool area where most of the younger kids play).
Anyways, Dawson had a blast jumping off the edge of the pool to daddy and getting piggy back rides everywhere his little heart desired... but he was NOT about to get his head under water. I couldn't stand for it. After several minutes of unsuccessful attempts to verbally persuade him... I did what every desperate mother does when all else fails: I whipped out a big fat juicy bribe.
Me: "Dawson, I want you to try something new, I wouldn't ask you to do it if it were dangerous or bad for you, but I can see you're a little scared. So I'll make you a deal. If you put your WHOLE HEAD under the water... when we leave the park, we will go to the store, and I will buy you ANY candy bar you want."
Dawson: (...giggles... contemplates... shivers with excitement...)... "Ok, I'll try it. But Mom...? Whats a candy bar?"
I told you I don't do it that often.


Steph said...

that's when you tell him a candy bar is a surprise, and it turns out to be a bran muffin.

such cute little waterbabies!

Beatrice Blount said...

and SO glad you didn't have to kill your swim instructor, as it looks like she wore appropriate attire. i've seen all manner of skimpy things for 'instructors' that makes me want to dunk their heads under and count to 98764...

Rachel said...

You guys got some really good pictures! We will have to go up to the pool with you guys some that the one in Templeton??