Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ticket to Ride

I've been dying for a bike for several months.

My interest was sparked by my 'wife' Kari, who is a triathlon super stud. I thought to myself that someday I just might be crazy enough to enter one... but alas I don't own a bike!

So I started doing my homework a little bit...

I started spinning at the gym semi-regularly, and found I no longer felt like I was going to puke blood half way thru the class.

I asked around to people I knew or knew of who are cyclists.

I visited the local bike shop and asked as many questions as they had time to answer.

I 've been watching craigslist vigilantly to familiarize myself with 'good deals,' what is hard to come by, what is more expensive, whats reasonable to expect to pay for a decent second hand bike, and so on.

I had pretty much concluded I would settle for a decent mountain bike since they are less expensive all around and you can change out the tires for road biking... even though I really wanted a road bike, because that's what all the cool kids ride. ;)

Then, I saw this little beauty:

I pondered it for a few hours, couldn't get it out of my head, alerted my spouses (Tyson, Kari)...

I couldn't decide if I wanted to go thru with it. It retails between $600 and $700, and was listed for $199. I had hoped to talk him down, but in the end there were several other offers and it all came down to who could get there the fastest.

This is the part where I realized how much I wanted this bike, because when Tyson was stuck at work, and I was on my way to swim lessons in Paso with the kids I was soooo bummed out that there wasn't any way to get over there and even look at it before one of the other prospects swooped in.

Then my phone rang.

SuperKari to the rescue!

Whats this? You want a bike, wifey? You can't go get it? Well, why don't I just find a telephone booth real fast and put on my leotard and cape, fly right on over, heckle the man who says he might sell it out from under us until he begs and pleads for us to take it off his hands, spot you $200 in cash, and then deliver it to your doorstep?"

Tyson (possessing supernatural abilities of his own) was completely on board, and even came home with cash in hand to pay Kari back without my saying a word.

How spoiled am I to have people looking out for me and being so supportive and *sob* I am just so freaking excited and feel blessed to have gotten some new wings.


Sarah Griffin said...

yay! so happy for you that you got your bike. it's pretty too! i think she needs a name. :)

Anonymous said...

hooray!!!! thanks for leaving out the part that i totally had selfish interests in assisting you in your purchase. new biking buddy!!

love, wifey