Thursday, July 16, 2009

Snakes and Snails, and Puppy Dog... um... Nipples.

This morning was a gorgeous summer day in Apple Valley, and all the kids and moms were feeling especially social, so we all ended up mingling in the streets in the wee hours of the morning before it got too hot. I want to say there were probably a dozen kids out playing before 9am!

The boys were all playing (every mom's favorite game!...) 'guns.' Anabelle joined right in, and was THRILLED they would have her. Guess who their first hostage was (the one holding the camera!).

Anyhoot. The band of hooligans all ended up playing 'army' in the field next to our house. They were commando crawling thru the rain trenches, and looking for a helpless victim to snipe.

The neighbor dog who just had puppies came trotting up to Dawson with her momma dog nipples sloshing around everywhere and Dawson goes "Hey, MOM! Look! We are the army guys, and Sophie is our army DOG! She even got's squirt guns all over her belly!"

I could NOT stop laughing.

One of the neighbor mom's whipped up a makeshift lemonade stand to keep the troops hydrated.

Dawson was especially excited about writing his own name on the cup...

When it got too hot to stand around shooting nerf guns, we whipped out the sprinklers and all the kids cooled off.

Tyson and I are always saying what a shame it is our kids never have anyone to play with. :)
It was definitely a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

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