Saturday, July 11, 2009

Trotting Along

Today I ran my second 10k.

This time I was even more nervous than the first one... this time, there was a standard to live up to! I thought I did pretty well for a beginner before, and I couldn't stand the thought of getting a higher time now. I've maintained my work out schedule pretty regularly, but I've been doing spinning, step class, and other cardio things... not as much running. So I was worried.

I got up at 5:30 so I would have an hour before I needed to leave to hydrate, coffee up, eat breakfast (which I don't usually do that early), pee a hundred times, and feel calm heading out.

Somewhere between the wake up call and the starting gunshot, I got siiiiick.

Maybe it was the nerves. Maybe the last supper was haunting me. Maybe the caffeine, maybe just carsickness... but I really, REALLY thought in my head it was going to be ugly.

I'll spare you the details (Lynn, it involves the 'd' word!!)... but lets just say, we ended up running late, parking a mile away, and I was on the toilet in the tasty beach bathrooms until the moment we needed to be on the beach.


This race was a lot lower budgeted. There weren't any professional photographers (so no pics, sorry). There wasn't a party at the end. There were no mile markers to moon walk across along the way. It was also dreadfully foggy, and I didn't wear a watch, so I had absolutely no idea how far along I was at any point. Last time, we could spot the pier about a mile away to know hope was in sight. This time... zilch.

Until all of a sudden... we were there!


The final times aren't posted yet, but according to Kari's expert timing techniques... we improved our time from last time by over 3 minutes.

Also... it hurt a lot less, we both agreed.

So. I think one day soon I just might be ready for a half marathon....?

Thanks for watchin the kids, Mom... and for getting up early and making an awesome running mix, Kari.

I ran my second 10K this morning, and MAN, it felt good!



Rachel said...

You are so awesome Beth! good for you!!!

Beatrice Blount said...

good for you! though i'm sad you got the runner's shits. it happens to the best of us. except for me, because i'm not running right now due to being a host for an alien baby.