Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Love Fool

Anabelle: (sunning herself like a mermaid and striking a dramatic pose on top of the picnic table)

"Hey, Mom? Do I look like an idiot?"

Me: "What...?"

Anabelle: (batting her eyelids and enunciating for her slow mother)

"I said... do I... look... like... an IDIOT?"

*flashes a huge, hopeful stage grin*

Me: "Why do you say that? And where did you hear that word?"

Anabelle: (obviously flattered)

"Oh, Dawson says I look like an idiot all the time! Do I...?"

Me: "Dawson is not allowed to call you idiot. And its NOT a nice thing."

Anabelle: (smile melts)

"Oh. Alright."


Steph said...

hahaha "kids say the darnedest things" eh?

Monica said...

kids these days...

lucinda! said...

i could not stop laughing at this. i love miss annabelle lee!