Monday, July 6, 2009

Celebrating Independence

We spent this 3 day holiday weekend celebrating our independence on a number of levels... starting with a trip to the beach with some fabulous friends on Friday (which I took off... but Ty had to work).

This is the woman Dawson INSISTS he WILL marry. It creeps me out, he is SO adamant about it. Kailee is so sweet to him, I am so thankful for their friendship. She is the girl next door in every sense of the word, its the sweetest thing for a mom to watch.

Anabelle (and her other half) Addie took turns burying Kailee, the kids dug holes, splashed in the sludge, snacked, climbed rocks (well, Dawson), and just laughed and played for 2 hours that flew by. The 4 kids were PERFECT angels while Kari and I lounged on a blanket like lizards and talked about nothing. The whole day was a touch of heaven.
Saturday morning we headed out for our annual Apple Valley 4th of July neighborhood parade.

Grammie surprised the kids with a patriotic lollipop, which Anabelle took upon herself to share with the entire block.

...alright, maybe not the whole block. Just her favorites.

For the evening festivities we headed up to our neighbor's vineyard for a BBQ and a fantastic view of the Meridian firework show.

There were at least 20 kids there, and we all had an absolute blast. Even Anabelle getting sick (from ??too much junk food and motion sickness from flying down the hill on the back of this here golf cart hangin on for dear life??) didn't come close to dampering a brilliant holiday for a brilliant country we are blessed to be a part of.
As thankful as I am for our many freedoms that we have as American citizens that other parts of the world only dream of, I also found myself suddenly appreciating new freedoms in parenthood as well. Between all the festivities... the beach trip, the parade, and then the firework show... Tyson and I actually managed to get in some quality grown up mingling time while the kids entertained themselves peacefully with minimal adult interference. Its almost like we have an identity of our own again!
I am both amazed at how fast it goes and how accomplished I feel at knowing that the toddler chapter is officially closed, and we are now on to the best days of our lives enjoying our second childhood vicariously thru our beautiful blue eyed babies.
I'm so in love with you, Independence Day.

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