Monday, June 29, 2009

Little Turtle Goes to Vacation Bible School

So, last week was Dawson's first week ever of vacation bible school. I almost didn't sign him up when I saw it in the church bulletin, because at the time I wasn't sure he would have a ride there and back every day. But (what do you know!?), God provides! And it could NOT have been a better experience for my 4 and a half year old soon to be kindergartner.

He came home day one singing chants for his team (gooooOOOO TURTLES!), quoting bible verses ("Exodus 3:12, God said, I will be with you"), teaching me hand motions, showing off his crafts, talking about his big buddy Joel, and telling us about all the "cute little snacks" he got to eat.

I caught him playing VBS and 'preaching' to our kitten on Friday. "Jesus died on the cross to take all YOUR sins away, kitty!"... and one day he came home super excited telling me all about how "God appeared to Moses in a bush that was on FIRE!... but don't worry, Mom. It wasn't really on fire with God. It was actually just a red light bulb..."

They made crafts one day to send to kids in Africa, and raised money for the missionary our church supports there. We talked about what it means to be a missionary, why the kids there don't have parents, and all the things our family has to be thankful for.

This was such a great week for our family on so many levels. It felt like the timing was great, Dawson has been home just long enough to be getting 'bored' during the day. Half the kids from our neighborhood ended up being there, including our personal favorites (the Hammies!), and I love that it was the 'cool' place to be.

It also felt like a great way to just further prepare him for kindergarten, to teach him that even though his Mom and Dad aren't constantly with him, that he will still be taken care of by other grown ups in his life that are there to care about him... and that above all that God is always with him (and his boring mom and dad aren't the only ones saying so)! It felt like he was 'catching on,' putting the pieces of the puzzle together in his sharp little mind and connecting the dots between the Bible stories we read at home and applying it at a 4 year old level, and it was all just so... cool. He was SO into it!

They closed out the week with a special ceremony, where it was clear that the adults who helped orchestrate the event put every ounce of their spare time and energy into being the best they could possibly be. The kids were LOUD, they were decorated, and they were having an absolute blast.

Kari went all out and bought a bunch of spirit in a bottle to decorate our children with before we headed down, and I was lucky enough to get this little gem of video footage... I love when they co-operate for the camera! Also... get a load of how Dawson just looks at Kailee like he would kiss the dirt her dainty feet walk upon if she asked him to. He just adores her (she IS pretty adorable...)

Of COURSE the little sisters wouldn't DREAM of being left out of the fun....

Dawson even painted his fingernails. And then asked me to take it off the moment he came to his senses when it all ended.

Anyway, needless to say he had a great time. I am so thankful he had this cool opportunity in his little world, and I was one of the proudest parents out there watching my little turtle coming out of his shell.

Cant wait for next year.

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Beatrice Blount said...

Admit just didn't wash your kids' hair after they were in the pool. :)

We did Crocodile Dock here last week, and Moira loved it! Glad Dawson did too. Now if only they could stretch VBS to be full day...THEN I would be one satisfied customer.