Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Where in Blog's Name Did She Go?!

I know all 6 of my faithful followers can't stand the suspense!

Did the kid's finally get the last ounce of her sanity?

Has she run off with the traveling circus for good?

Is she locked away in the serenity of a padded cell and finally getting the well deserved nap she's only daydreamed of these last 4 years?

No, no, friends, rest assured. I am still here in good old Apple Valley... as crazy as ever!

It one of those things where I let a couple days go by... a few blog worthy things happened... I meant to get around to them, but didn't... then a few more things happened... people came and went... more days passed... and suddenly its been 3 weeks and I am overwhelmed with how far behind I am in blog world and I am completely unmotivated to blog at all because I feel I have SO much catching up to do!

So, I have come to a solution.

Here is a summary of the blogs you missed.

1. It rained... IN JUNE! So of course, that meant there was only one thing to do...

2. The garden is coming along quite nicely, it has doubled in size since this picture was taken. We should have squash soon, and already made a berry pie. The gnome has officially been named "Paprika," and I think I just about have the kids convinced that he comes alive at night to do my bidding upon naughty sleeping children. They have been exceptionally well behaved recently...

3. At 3.5 years old and 45lbs, Anabelle still manages to fall asleep ANYWHERE and sleep thru ANYTHING. We get some strange looks in the store as shes snoring away and TOO BIG FOR THE CART.

4. We had company for several days visiting from Tennessee, and had a blast. Come back soon, Austin, Tiffany, Moira and Sabra!

5. Happy 21st Birthday (again) Carly! I love you mucho mucho mucho. xoxo

6. Happy Father's Day, Tyson. Thanks for being the best Dad our kids could ask for and then some. I can't wait until the day they realize how lucky they are.

7. We*(Tyson)* got a kitten. Anabelle named it Forest. "Like the forest, because he is beautiful." Oh, ok honey, thats cute.
Then, she took the liberty of cutting his hair 'to make him beautiful like the forest.'

Then, he in turn took the liberty of scratching the h*ll out of her beautiful little face.

Can't say I blame him.
Its been a blast.


.heidi.noelle. said...

Great update! Glad you are still around!

Christi said...

Thanks, I have been waiti'n for the bloggage!

Sylvia said...

about time I wondered if maybe your kids were being so perfect there was nothing to blog about!! I love reading it all!!

selloutpopstar said...

happy June Bloggage my love. thank you for the fun father's day and june adventure. It's almost July!!! Oh MY!!!!!!!!!

Rachel said...

Hi! Julie is talking about Anabelle NONSTOP!! We need to get those girls together ASAP!

Beatrice Blount said...

I LOOOOVE that picture of us! And the picture of Belle in the cart is my new favorite. Bwahaha! Making fun of your kids is TERRIBLE! (funny as hell)