Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Halloweenies.

Phew, what a weekend.

The Halloween festivities officially began last Thursday evening, when we had our annual pumpkin slaughtering festivities. The kids were SUUUUUPER bored with the idea of it all...

I practically had to scrape them off the ceiling when they realized the extent of the wonder of it all.

Dawson got really expressive when describing to his daddy just how he wanted the face on his spooky pumpkin to look... he kept making this face over and over... "Like THIS dad! Make it scary, like THIS!"

Anabelle was really excited about slicing them open... cutest lil psychopath I've ever seen...

Dawson hated scooping out the guts with his fingers... he kept sticking his hands in, grabbing a scoop of insides, and then squealing "MOOOOOM!!! Can you please wipe my hands now?" I bet I used a whole box of wipes. I love me a tidy man... I guess I shouldn't complain.

Anabelle loved being dirty, and especially loved being a social butterfly with some of her favorite people...

Even Uncle Kyle made an appearance. The kids loved it.

That night, after the kids went to bed, Ty and I crept into their rooms and hung their costumes up for them to find when they woke up. As I mentioned before, they had no idea they were getting new dress up outfits, so they were really surprised. Anabelle ended up in our bed sometime during the night, so she didn't see her costume right away, but Dawson came stumbling into our bedroom a little before sunrise with a grin the size of the grand canyon stretched across his face.

I greeted him good morning, and asked him if he knew what day it was, and he giggled his cute little giggle and whispered "Will you tell me?" I answered that today was the day he had been waiting for, Halloween... and then asked him who he thought he was going to dress up like, and he looked up and shouted "SUUUUUPERMAN!!!!! I SAW IT HANGING IN MY ROOM, and i TOUCHED it, and IT HAS A CAPE, COME AND SEEEEEEE!!!"

Aaaaand, then little Stinkerbelle saw that she was the tag along... but I don't think she minded...

The rest of the day was filled with temporary tattoos,

Photo ops,

Home made SLIME,

Pumpkin painting,


Parading every child I know around the neighborhood (now you can all see why half the time I'm certifiably INSANE!),

OH, and then, just in case nobody had avoided rotting their pearly white baby teeth, we had some more SUGAR.

There was also a guest appearance by Little Bo Peep (Ok, how freaking adorable is Carly in my old prom dress. I knew I saved it for a reason!!!):

After the kids all left and we were waiting for Dad to get home, the kids put their costumes back on and headed outside to wait with the neighbor kids. Brielle was super girl also... how freaking adorable are these little supers?:

We hit the carnival across the street where there were LOTS of FREE games and prizes and candy... Dawson actually remembered this game from last year (I know I shouldn't be surprised, but seriously! He wasn't even three years old! The kid NEVER FORGETS ANYTHING!)

After the carnival, we hit the street and Superman and I worked the neighborhood hand in hand it was so sweet id say it was almost the same as soaring over a city in the arms of a hero...

That is, until THIS little princess swooped in and STOLE MY SPOT!

That's right, we ran into the Hammies, worked the last part of the block with our friends and neighbors, and Dawson took hold of Kailee's hand and walked ahead of us the rest of the time just chatting about the night, the costumes, the candy... REAL LIVE BIG KID STUFF! It blew my mind, and made me realize how fleeting these moments really are.

I'm trying not to blink, or I'm afraid it will be prom night when I open my eyes.

We got home WAY past bedtime, sticky... filthy... and exhausted... but not too exhausted to WALLOW in the LOOT! (I showed the kids the proper way to sort and distribute the candy... one for you, TWO for Mom...)

So, yah. I'd say it was a success. The kids had a blast, they ate WAY too much sugar. Its funny, our kids NEVER get sweets like that, EVER. So when they had a night (ok, and mayyyybe the next morning for breakfast too) of free-for-all candy binging... well, lets just say I think as far as they're concerned they have lived their little lives to the fullest and can officially die happy.

And now all that's left is channeling every ounce of will power that's in me to NOT eat Reece's Peanut Butter Cups for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and midnight snack for the rest of the season. And that's NO small task. But this year, Dawson knows how to count the inventory. I'm trying hard to remember that... oops, gotta run, I think I hear a Snickers bar calling me...


Jillian said...

C was the same way with his hands getting sticky...I practically had to put the guts on the scooper so it looked like he scooped it out for a photo op. Cute little clean boys!

What Super Superheros!

Steph said...

ha I love the way Tyson is looking at Dawson in the pumpkin carving photo, like he is taking a mental pic so he can do the pumpkin just like it...

and the pic after that with Anabelle watching Carly slice open the, total creepo face:)

Way cute! And love your cowgirl costume!

.heidi.noelle. said...

Hehe! SO much fun :)