Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Let the Festivities BEGIN!

My tiny little 7lb 14oz baby boy is turning FOUR on Friday. I.can.not.be.lieve.it.


As in... this time next year, we will be doing kindergarten homework at the kitchen table (lets hope I can keep up!).

We wanted to help Dawson celebrate without going all out (bounce houses, petting zoos... party rentals... GAH!).

We thought long and hard (thats what she said), and finally came up with the idea of a back yard camping/outdoors themed movie night for just the kids on the block.

Tyson is setting up a movie and the tent out back, we are roasting hot dogs over the fire pit, the kids are 'hunting bugs' (plastic ones that I will hide), I am making a campfire cake and cupcakes with "dirt and worms" on top, and I think we might even get a 'ghost story' out of our dear old Dad to top it all off.

We spent the weekend crafting these invites up. Thank heaven for our artistic Daddy, who hand cut the tent out... or we would have had a naked nature scene on the front of a black card! It was quite the group project:

When they were all finished and the kitchen table was officially trashed, we bundled up and headed down the block to disburse our handiwork to the neighbor kids. How adorable are they?

My parents were kind enough to offer an early birthday dinner celebration in Dawson's honor, so after we had worked up quite an appetite handing out all our little projects, we headed down to Big Bubba's Bad BBQ for some grub with the fam.

Dawson could.not.wait. to ride the bull. He couldn't sit still, he was SO annoyed that he had to order his stinking dinner before we could walk over for a ride (oh, plus I needed a margarita, te-hee), and then... he was terrified. I even climbed on with him (In a skirt, at that! I know, SUCH a damsel), but noooooooo no no no no NO, he wanted off, NOW.

So, little lady Belle and her Papa took the reigns and rode to the death with high pitched squeals and laughter all the way. Motion sick MY SPURS! Go figure.

Dawson didn't mind being shown how to ride by his baby sister... because there were presents. Ahhh, Mommys boy.

And speaking of damsels... check out Anabelle riding into town on these here RIBS! (She's probably going to hate me for this when she's 15...)

Ahhh, Anabelle. "Be A LADY!" as your Auntie Carly would say.

Bubba's Birthday crew never disappoints, and the evening was ended with a giant 'cow pie," from which Dawson eagerly plucked the candle from and tucked away into the secret compartment of his new wallet from his grandparents.

He spent the day with his Grammy yesterday as he is fighting a cold, and she tells me she lit the candle three different times for him so he could "make more birthday wishes."

I hope one of them was for a bigger bike... because that's what his Mom and Dad are giving him on Friday.



Steph said...

mmmk, LOVIN the invites!!! go crafty tent making tyson!

and how cute is Anabelle the rib eating bull rider?

Dawson is going to be so excited about his bike!!!!

Rachel said...

I can't believe he is going to be 4!! where did the time go?

Christina said...

I'm turning 26 next month (I know, holy crap!), and I think I'm going to steal your invitation and party ideas. That sounds like fun!

Oh, and thanks for becoming a "follower" of my blog. I'm excited about it! And I'll try not to disappoint. (;

lucinda! said...

you talking about his campfire cake made me think of this campfire cake http://community.livejournal.com/cake_decorating/932249.html?#cutid2

if you dont want to do the cake ( i like the log idea better) you could still do the flames. they are made of crushed butterscotch and cinnamon disks. it looks awesome. cant wait to hear about how much fun he had!

Jillian said...

That is such a great idea for his party...I would steal it, except I need to get a backyard first ; )