Monday, November 3, 2008

Oh What A Beautiful Day

Yesterday we hit the parental jackpot.

Tyson's (insane) sister OFFERED to take the kids to church with her for the morning.

And, Tyson's parents OFFERED to watch the kids for the afternoon so we could catch a matinee.
Then, they made us dinner.

To Auntie Carly, who the kids (rightfully!) worship and adore. Its amazing how comforting the sound of silence can be. I almost forgot it could be possible! Oh, and a medal of bravery and courage for taking them ALONE. Who are we kidding, THEY ARE WORK, particularly in pairs.
Second, to the grandparents, who always insist it is their pleasure to sacrifice their own well deserved peace and quiet on the weekends to spend time in the company of their grandchildren. I know the kids will have a childhood filled with many beautiful memories of making "Jamba Juice" and jumping in huge piles of freshly raked leaves at their Grammie's house. Their happiness is priceless to me, I couldn't imagine parenting being as much fun without the reinforcements we have.
And finally... nothing makes me appreciate how much I love and miss my husband for our lost time together like spending a few hours in his company. He is (almost) always easy and fun to be with, and though I love our kids with my whole heart I really miss seeing Tyson and enjoying the luxury of being his wife alone without all the chaos that comes with the territory of parenting thing one and thing two.

Maybe a day will come again where we can just sit and sip our morning coffee and read the paper in casual conversation...
In the mean time, let the blissful madness resume, for I have caught a second win after a perfect day off like yesterday.


Jillian said...

Ya I feel ya! I don't know how we would do it without our parents and friends support.
They look absolutely adorable all dressed up!

.heidi.noelle. said...

The pictures are adorable!!! I am glad you were able to have a day like this :D Even though I know you LOVE your children dearly.

Steph said...

omg... your kids could be in a GAP ad. so stylish!

lucinda! said...

these pictures seriously look like they are out of a clothing magazine. the kids look so great.

Auntie M said...

I'm finally 'tuned in' and 'turned on' to your fabulous BLOG and I love it!
You certainly have a gift in writing girlfriend! This really allows me to feel 'connected' to the family. The Hail Mary piece really made me blush.
Thank you the lovely refridgerator art from the kids. Thank you for also making me feel loved...

Beatrice Blount said...

Wow. Your kids look so great! Gap models! And I like what Carly is wearing...steal it for me.

liz oelker said...

so before i posted antyhing i had to read what others said and I completely agree with lucinda and steph- those pics are incredible! such cute kids :)