Monday, November 17, 2008

Things That Are Currently Burning My Biscut

(prepare for rant).


There have been swarms, swarms I say, of fruit flies buzzing around my house, up my nose, and into my my morning coffee in this house for days. I am NOT exaggerating (which I know I sometimes do).


At first, it was just in the kitchen. We keep a fruit basket out on the counter, so my first plan of attack was to dispose of the source. When that didn't work, we looked on the Internet and found some helpful little home remedies such as putting rotting banana and balsamic vinegar in a bowl with saran wrap over the top with little holes so they can fly in, but not out.

Yah, they pretty much just fly in... and then have a big giant rotting food orgy and fly right back out. So now, I have fruit flies that have outlived their normal life expectancy of 24 hours by, like, 5 days because when life is THAT good, WHO WOULD EVER DIE!?!?!?!?

Now they are all over the house, including the bathroom (how friggin disgusting and downright embarrassing is THAT?!). Tyson just got the vacuum out and sucked a half dozen or so down before they all dispersed back to their mysterious rendezvous point to plan their next attack on my limited remaining supply of human sanity.

I do NOT know what to do, but if I find in my cereal... Im not exactly sure what the outcome will be, but it will most definitely be against the law.

Any suggestions out there?

(For ridding the house of fruit flies, not for ways to release the rage that are against the law).

Second, I would just like to say I love my husband very very dearly.

But tonight, I would like to lock him in the oven and see how HE likes to be burned.

I spent the entirety of nap time cleaning the kitchen, and pre-making dinner (which I often do), so that I could load the kids in the car the moment the last daycare kid leaves and hit the gym in hopes of being home in time to still have dinner and spend time as a family together before the kids are off to bed.

Today, I got extra ambitious and decided to try making home made bread to go with our soup. Ive always wanted to try it, I don't know whats taken me so long. I love the way fresh baked bread smells in the oven, and I love to cook, so whats the hold up, right?

I don't know. It always seemed like a lot of work. And now, I know this to be true first hand, it was a lot of work and not to mention a lot of time! Waiting for butter to cool, yeast to get creamy (ewwwww!), dough to rise, dough to get punched and rise again, dough to get cut and rise yet a third time, and finally to bake. AND, I must say I happen to be in pretty decent shape at the moment, and I actually broke a sweat kneading for eight minutes straight.

Hard work.

But it was fun, and I could.not.wait. to get home from the gym and eat my tasty little warm pieces of love handle hot from the oven.

I left a note on the counter, "Hi Dear, were at the gym, soup in the fridge, just put on the stove to warm and please put the rolls in the oven at 400 for 12-14 minutes. Thanks!"

I guess my handwriting must have been illegible, because for some reason I think Tyson read "please put rolls in oven for 400 minutes."

That is to say... BURNT.


Top it off, you say?

He thinks its funny that Im this perturbed over it.

Next time, he is SOOOOOOO kneading the dough.

See if I ever trust him with putting buns in my oven ever again.

That'll teach him.

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Steph said...

oh man, so many flies were going in there, I was hoping it would work!

here's a good site:

and I was so excited about your bread... TYSON!