Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I Adore 4

I am so in love with my 4 year old boy.

I closed down the daycare shop last Friday, on November 14th, the fourth anniversary of the day I changed forever.

It was a fantastic day even then... but I think so far, its gotten a little bit better every year since.

We started our day like this:

This is the face he stood frozen in for the longest time, staring in disbelief at THIS:

Then, we had some health food for breakfast (4 chocolate doughnut holes, with vanilla yogurt, hot cocoa, and some banana).

Then, we put the finishing touches on these little beauties we decorated special to take to his preschool friends.

It was adorable, Dawson felt SO special. I want to go back and watch the whole thing happen again. Is that what video taping is for? Hmmmm. Whoopsey daisy.

Miss Elaine gave him his prized birthday hat, which clearly meant a lot to him.

I didn't take pictures, but I feel compelled to mention that I don't typically get many opportunities to take my kids to the Dr unless I schedule and maneuver WAY ahead of time to make it happen (that's what Grandparents and Aunties are for apparently, thank the Lord).
That said, it occurred to me the Monday before his birthday to call and see if I could get him in for his 4 year well check up appointment on Friday... But not too early, not too late, and not during nap time, so basically it was a total long shot.
It happened. Perfectly.
I felt kind of bad having to take Dawson to get a flu shot and a check up on his birthday, but as mentioned in my previous post, the kids were actually looking forward to it. (Little psychos.)
And not only did neither of them shed a single tear, but Dawson actually begged and pleaded with the Dr to let him go first (in an ooo, ooo! pick me, pick me! kind of way, not a shivelrous, sacrificial lamb kind of way). He looked a little betrayed when they poked him in the leg initially, but I reminded him of the sticker on the way out the door, and he was back on cloud nine before the band aid was applied.
I love them.
Oh, and Dawson was tested hearing and eyesight for kindergarten already, and apparently we need to go see an eye doctor... but I am putting good thoughts (for good insurance and/or good eyesight!) into the universe, so I am not too worried (haha). He is also in the 75th percentile for height at 41.5 inches tall. Atta boy.
Anyway, we came home, the kids took a "rest" although Dawson was a little too excited to even consider closing his eyes, and I cleaned up and reset the shop for party time.
His campfire cake turned out decent... after all, he is 4. And it is home made... by an amateur that always screws up important birthday cakes, so... considering its not charred black or caved in and nothing is spelled wrong, I think we made out OK.

This was a cute idea I found on a website for party ideas, to make 'bug juice' out of Gatorade with floating plastic bugs inside. The kids liked it.

And Ty is (of course) Super dad (again/still/always), for rushing straight home in a blaze of fire to dive in with both hands and set up an entire outdoor entertainment center for his little boy and the neighbor kids.
Thanks for making that happen, Tyson. And for the cutest little 4 yr old camper boy I ever laid eyes on.

I spent part of the afternoon hiding teensey lil creatures all over the backyard...

So our party started off with a big bad bug hunt.

And Dawson could NOT take his mind off the presents from the moment the kids started arriving with packages of joy and wonder. I have NO idea where he gets that from, ha.
So, next we HAD to open presents (there was a meltdown brewing at the thought of anything else besides...)

Followed by an impromptu balloon fight dance par-tay with lots of high pitched squeally little girls like all good balloon fight dance par-tays should have...

And THEN, we headed back outside for a campfire story custom made just for this special birthday event by (again) Super dad himself.
The roasted marshmallows kept the kids mouths stuck shut and it was dead quiet the entire time (not that your story wasnt completely and totally compelling and not at all predictable, dear... ;) ).

THIS is me, bringing Dawson his campfire cake, and all the kids singing and watching in anticipation for the birthday wishes that were about to be breathed into life that he had been thinkin and dreaming on all year...

And THIS is me opening a can of momma bear whop-ass and Dawson staring in utter disdain at the smirky little gremlin beaming across the table (ahem, ANABELLE!!), who in one instant managed to lean across and blow those 4 little flames that symbolized an entire year of hopes and dreams right out of sight for the sad little birthday boy. She looked like she had been planning it all along.

And then, at long last, it was time. And we all headed out to the tent with every eligible sleeping bag and flashlight in the kingdom... and everyone piled in for an exclusive showing of the Adventures of Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Everyone went home tired and happy, and they all lived happily ever after.
The End.

OH, I almost forgot, this was Dawson's favorite birthday card, he sleeps with it under his pillow every night. Its from his Grammy, and it sings the Star Wars theme song when you open it.
He sat at the table and made a replica of Yoda on the front with his new crayons from Auntie Carly the first chance he got... and I thought it turned out pretty good!

Guess I shouldn't be all that surprised, tho. After all, he is four years old now.


Tanogginty said...

Thanks for making the party extra special for little Dawsie. I know he loved it. Excellent blog, it captured it perfectly. xoxo

Steph said...

Oh look... Tyson has a new profile with a blank pink blog... much more interesting than his other blank blog...

Anyways:)Everything came out sooo cute! and I think the campfire cake looks nice... it could have been a little darker brown but that was the coloring's fault for being so weak and running out... its just one of those light trees. Like a sycamore. I may have just made that up.

You re-lit the cake for Dawson right? Haha Anabelle...

kay jay said...

dawsons face to belle is priceless as you've opened up the whoop-ass.

liz oelker said...

I can't believe he's 4!! That is like the coolest birthday theme and set up ever. If I EVER have kids I will have to remember that. :)