Thursday, October 30, 2008

Super Kari to the Rescue

So, I know none of you can stand the suspense on the great costume dilemma... but rest assured, it is resolved (I know, hopefully you will be able to sleep again now that the suspense is gone).

I guess I should start with the fact that I caved like Supermom sipping a Kryptonite martini, and finally just broke down and bought Anabelle the damn Supergirl costume. But then, the delimma only got worse as Grammy had to point out that Dawson's costume might look a little shabby next to Anabelle's sparkly metallic skirt with matching boots. His didn't even come with a cape.

So I became a mom on a mission for a cape to jazz up Dawson's little number... and had all but given up until I was fortunate enough to bump into an old friend and fellow mommy, the lovely Rachel (formerly Mackey), in the fabric department at Walmart. She talked me thru how to make a superhero cape using only the magic superpower of iron-on patches, and next thing I knew I was on my way with less than $5 in materials that matched the goodwill costume perfectly.

And thats about the time I went "what was I thinking!? Every great super hero has a side kick... awe, who am I kidding, I AM THE SIDEKICK! And in wayyyy over my head..." so I immediately picked up my top secret emergency paging device and called for backup ("KAAAAARRRRIIIII HEEEEELPPPPPPPP!").

And 'help' she did!: (Props to my super model, Carly, you are the best Auntie around!)

Oh, and by 'help,' I actually meant 'made the entire cape for me with a real live sewing machine and all under an hour.' And Im kiiiind of jealous of it. I think I deserve a cape too!

So, there you have it. Our kids have costumes, and its the night before Halloween, the pumpkins are carved (we had a blast doing it, I hope to post on that sometime soon), its raining tonight instead of tomorrow night (mind over matter! mind over matter!), and the best part of all is that our kids still have NO idea they have super rad costumes hanging patiently in their bedrooms until they are discovered in the morning. Im so excited that they are going to be so excited! Its going to be a blast.

Its funny, Dawson has never one time asked me to buy him a costume in all this fuss. He has seen all the neighbor kids running around, gabbing about what they are going to be, and which costume was purchased for the big night. Tonight, when we reminded him that Halloween is tomorrow, and we get to dress up and trick or treat... he was asked what he was going to dress up as, and without even missing a beat he replied "Spiderman." Because its the old costume he already has. I love that he never even thought to beg and tease for us to buy him something new and better, and he is perfectly humble enough to wear what is already in his closet.

I love that little Superman.

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