Friday, October 24, 2008

Thursday Nights Rock My World

Because on Thursday nights, Tyson and I have a long standing date night... at home in front of the TV for The Office. Incidentally, Grey's Anatomy is also on at the same time, so we Tivo Grey's, and watch The Office (and also Kath and Kim now because we think its hilarious), then we bloop, bloop, bloop! (if you really have TiVo, you get the reference), right thru all the commercials in Grey's. Its seriously the highlight of my weekday evenings (sad, but true).

Sometimes... if were REALLLL lucky, Auntie Carly or other miscellaneous Thursday night drifters will grace us with their presence. I always try to make yummy food Thursdays, just in case, and last night I finally had all the ingredients to try these new pumpkin ravioli's I've been dying to make. Kari had inspired me a few weeks ago to take a stab at it, but I didn't get a chance to get her recipe so I just searched the web, and this is the one we used. It was suuuuper easy with the pre-made 'ravioli's' (aka: won ton wrappers. Genius!). I also added about 4 oz of Ricotta cheese to the filling mix, used fresh chopped sage (thanks, Mom), and for the sauce we thickened it up with a heaping scoop of sour cream and a tbsp of flour, and added dash of nutmeg and a spoonful of Trader Joe's Pumpkin Butter for a sweet effect. Wha-la.

It was AMAZING. I think Tyson even approved... this was WAYYY out of his comfort zone, and he didn't outright say it, but he was spotted having seconds...

After we devoured the ravioli, we paused our regular programming to make popcorn balls. OMG, yum. I ate too much, tho... it almost wasn't worth it. Almost.

Anyway. It was a fun night, I kept thinking "I wish I had more time to enjoy my kitchen like this every night."

Ahhhh. Sweet, sweet someday.

PS- We are LOVING the special edition political satire SNL skits that air on Thursday nights until election day. You need to check them out if you don't watch the news or NBC Thursdays. Actually, if you dont already watch the news, you probably won't get half the jokes... but maybe it will make you feel like you SHOULD be watching the news. Sorry, couldnt resist.

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Steph said...

so... yesterday was Jerad's last softball game... I think we should make a weekly Office Date! I'll even bring food!