Monday, October 13, 2008

The Barn

The Avila Valley Barn is a long standing McDermott family tradition. In fact, it started as a Harkness family tradition... one short lifetime ago.

When we first started going, it was a quiet, relaxed little weekend family outing (at least as I remember it)... now, my personal strategy is GO EARLY, or your kids will probably learn some new 4 letter words and perhaps get a crash course in rude hand gestures 101 just trying to find a parking space in all the madness.

But the barn never disappoints, the festivities and harvest displays of fruit and fresh baked goodness were breathtaking as usual, and the kids of course had a blast. We managed some good shots this year, as miraculously both kids are past the hay-eating phase and understand the phrase 'sit still and look happy for the camera, durn it, and I will give you a treat!' (I only wish I were kidding).

Tyson's mom and dad tagged along for the ride, too. I guess having his mother there made him feel like acting like a little kid again?

I love this next picture because (the quality distorted a little in the resizing process I think?) but anyway, I think Dawson looks a LOT like Tyson's mom for some reason with his face right next to hers. Its the first time I've ever seen that in him!

After the tractor ride down to the patch, the kids set to work in search of the perfect pumpkin. Dawson would find one he liked, then pawn it off on Anabelle the minute he saw the next best thing. Now theres a business man for you! Talk about finding a way to have your pumpkin pie and eat it too. Oh, Dawson.

Finally, he found this tiny, deformed, shrively and rotting soul:...

...And he goes "Oh, Here you go, Anabelle, I got this one for you."

She was SO thrilled, "Oooooooo, THANK YOU, Dawson!"

Ahh, little Belle-Belle. Someday she'll learn.

Meanwhile, Dawson picked out this monstrous wonder for himself:

And his softy of a daddy carried it (along with the right and proper pumpkin MOM helped Anabelle pick out) all.the.way.back. What a man.

Here, we have Ann and Anabelle sharing a moment. I don't know why I love this picture so much, but I really do...

And the rest of these... just make my little mommy heart burst with pride. I know I have a tendency to blog about the stinky things they say and do that make me downright banannas and about how much work they can be. But can I just say... After 4 years of being a Mom, sometimes I still cant believe how blessed we are that these little treasures are ours to belong to. And not only that they are tiny little people, with witt and character and personality... but that they are brilliantly smart and infinitely beautiful as well.

They are everything right and beautiful, and we would be so lost without them.

I love you, my little pumpkins!

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