Sunday, July 13, 2008

Say Monday Ain't So!!!

Its Sunday evening at precisely the time I hate... where the house is a DISASTER and I am exhausted and trying to plan my week ahead...scrambling to get the trash out, the house vacuumed, the laundry folded, the floor swept and mopped, the dishes done, the plants watered... blah blah blahhhhbetty blheck! My head is spinning... so I decided to take a second and reflect on what I DID manage to accomplish this weekend.


Saturday morning, ran 3 miles, showered AND put on makeup (what a concept!)... went to Tree Man nursery in Templeton (loooove, btw) and bought a cherry tree to replace the nectarine tree the deer ate mentioned in a previous blog... yah. She never came back to us. We also ended up with more potato vine to climb the fence and a couple blackberry bushes.

We came home and bbq'd our lunch, sent the kids off to nap, and I snuck out and GOT A PEDICURE! Oh yes, friends. You heard me right. MEEEEEE time. It was sooooo glorious, you have NO idea, and I only felt a TINY bit guilty. Then, I picked up some invitations for another bridal shower I'm helping with, and wandered Kohl's in search of new bras... came home with 2 new pairs of shorts, a HOT party shirt on clearance for $7.90 (regularly $50!), and... I may never buy bras again because I bought FIVE of them. I currently only have ONE that fits me... and they happened to be discontinuing that particular style, so they were all marked $11.90. It felt a little overindulgent, but lets face it girls... if your bra is pokin you the wrong way, the world is gonna seem like a little less friendly of a place for the whole day, am I right? I say, when you find a bra you like... marry it. So... I did just that. Except 5 times, in every color they had. Heh. Guess that makes me a bralygamist. BWAhahahahahah. Ha. Get it? I know. I'm keeping my day job.

So when I got home... Tyson had planted the cherry tree and said his Mom would be over in an hour to watch the kids so we could use a gift certificate to Paso Brew that has been burning a hole in his pocked for awhile now, and also (FINALLY!) catch the (not-so)new Indiana Jones movie. I have nothing to say about that, except maybe to just say I still think Harrison Ford is HOT (Beth trivia: he was my first celebrity crush).

This morning, I woke up to little children whispering. Yah, if you think its creepy when you hear it on LOST or in horror flicks, imagine when its YOUR OWN CHILDREN and you KNOW its not in the special effects but that they are, in fact, plotting your demise. I sprung out of bed, staggered down the hall, peeked into Anabelle's room... where she was all curled up under her covers with a biiiiig sleepy grin on her face as Dawson was 'reading' to her. Awe. What do you know, apparently they DO have kindness hiding somewhere behind their beady little red eyes. Anabelle kept giggling and squealing in a little whisper "IIII Tired, Dawsie!! IIII tiiired!!" And he kept saying "no... you re not." I thought it was especially funny since Tyson and I have had that same.exact.conversation basically every weekend morning since we've been married when I wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to play and tickle him right out of bed, and he is half asleep and blind without his glasses. The morning person vs. night owl case in our home has soured a start to many a weekend for us. And now, the curse lives on in our offspring. Awe.... how CUUUUTE! (For the record... I'm on Dawson's side. HOW FRICKIN TIRED CAN YOU BE AFTER 8 HOURS OF SLEEP!!!!!????!?!??!?!?! Especially when the sun is shining and the birds are chirping and the coffee is brewing and the minutes of your life are ticking by...)

I made Ty get up to witness the cuteness, but he headed right back to bed (boooooO!) and I decided since I didn't want to have to file another police report I could make an exception with the heckling routine and let him sleep. I snuggled the kids and read the paper and sipped my coffee... then we all got dressed... then I gently coaxed Tyson out of bed with my tender morning wake up call routine (ha) and we all went for a run, and by ALL I mean me, Ty, BOTH KIDS (in the jogger) and... the dog.

We stopped by my parent's house at the end of the loop to say 'good morning,' and my Dad... handed me $60 and told me to buy myself some new running shoes! Score. The pair I have now I've been using since January, they are hand me downs from my Mom... and they give me blisters. Badly. A new pair has been on my wish list since my birthday in March... why is it so easy to buy $60 worth of BRAS that nobody but me and the boy (and really, that's debatable since Im pretty sure he could care less about what's covering up the goods as long as there are, in fact, still goods hiding underneath), and yet I CAN NOT FOR THE LIFE OF ME justify spending $60 (of my own money) on a pair of shoes that will keep my feet from being mangled to bits and my back from breaking? I wonder what a shrink would say about that...

Anyways. After my parents house, we made a family trip to San Luis, spent too much money at Costco, went downtown where I bought my new running lovers (they are pretty, and coooozy, and they re my magic shoes), and then we took the kids to get some frozen yogurt and wander in Mission Creek. Highly nostalgic, since both Tyson and I can remember traipsing around down there as children not so long ago.

We decided since we were enjoying the day so much, we would just keep right on spending time together... so we headed back over the grade, stopped by home and grabbed our bathing suits, and swam in Templeton pool for an hour or so. When we came home, I made scrumptious home made lasagna since it wasn't hot AT ALL, and the kids were IN BED by 7pm. Tyson mowed the lawn and planted a couple more of our nursery picks before heading in to help me finish the frantic tidying routine that I am currently trying to avoid.

So. While I am thinking about all the things I did not do this weekend, I am so thankful for another weekend packed with quality time together, and especially the part where for one second... Tyson and I were on a date instead of in a cyclone.


Steph said...

man, look at your bad self and your productive weekend! I am so jealous of your gardening skills btw.... my tomato plants are looking angry.

Beth McDermott said...

do u fertalize??
this is my first year of actually feeding them... they seem happier so far.