Thursday, July 17, 2008

Peanut Belle-Belle and Addie

So, Miss Anabelle has a girlfriend. A great one. Her name is Addisen, she lives up the street... she is one month older than her majesty, and also happens to be the daughter of my fabulous friend, Kari (which works out wonderfully)...

Watching these little girls together... melts me. I know I haven't been a Mom of a little girl before... but to watch these two in action is just remarkable to me, Ive never seen such an immediate, fierce bond between friends (especially at terrible 2!).

They really, really love each other.

They have nicknames for eacother (Addie Rae is the creator of "Belle-Belle... which Ty and I have now come to call her around the house...).

They dissappear together.

They teach eachother all their current bad habits (such as biting, or spontaneously taking shoes and socks off).

They time-out together.

They slurp pacis together (ahem. we're back in the habit, it would seem...).

They have inside jokes! I swear...

They've invented games together.

They take turns fake falling down, and when one of them fumbles to the ground and squeals "OUCH!" the other gasps in horror and in the most dramatic, over the top concern asks "ARE YOU OK!?!?!?" The other will giggle and shreek "Yah, I'm Ok..." and then they jump up swap and the other falls down for a repeat preformance on and on and on.

When they see eachother at a distance... the lights go down, the orchestra strikes up, the world stops spinning and everything runs in slow motion as they charge forward as fast as their chubby little toddler legs will carry them straight into eachother's arms in an embrace like that of lovers seperated by months of war and famine.

I love watching them just wander around together, playing dolls, reading books, picking apples off the trees at the park... they really are a match made in heaven. Sugar and spice. Peanut butter and jelly. Thelma and Louise (or, wait... maybe thats me and Kari...?)

And then I was watching them today, thinking again at how their resemblance to eachother is uncanny:

I've always been so blessed to have amazing friendships in my life... the older I get, the more I realize that good people that you can really connect with and invest in and depend on are hard to find but well worth looking for.

I hope these girls will have eachother forever, because how adorable would that be... but reality is that people move, interests change... I realize it might just not be possible for them to be little best friends and neighbors forever (though I hope I'm wrong).

But I'm so thankful they have eachother now... that they're eachother's first experience of a bond that is such a rare treasure. And that they've set the standard for all other friendships to follow so high.

Girl power.

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