Monday, July 28, 2008

My Best Friend Rules (Just Ask My Kids)

Chelsea came to visit this weekend. Any weekend with an old friend is a good weekend... any weekend with your BEST friend, and an ABUNDANCE of old friends is freaking amazing (more on that later).

Chels and I always think its unlikely that were still bff through the years. I guess for a time it made sense, but after high school, we've never... EVER had lives that were even similar. I always feel kind of bad when I hang out with close friends or family that doesn't have kids yet. My brood is at the height of toddler chaos... they get up early, the earth spins on an axis according to their needs all the live long day, there are multiple meltdowns over anything and nothing in between until finally at long sweet last they fight the final battle of the day into dreamland leaving us utterly exhausted in a house smoldering in the aftermath of havoc. Then, before we know it, we're starting over again!

I am very conscious of how family life may appear to someone who is, say, going to school and working full time, trying hard to get ahead with their entire life in front of them. Not that the potential existence of her unborn children lies in my hands alone... but something kind of like that. I'm afraid at times that all of this could appear so overwhelming and exhausting that it will scare the outsiders out of taking a bite. I realize 'family life' isn't for everyone, but I don't want to be the poster child for reasons NOT to consider it.

Anyways. Maybe that doesn't make sense, but the point of my saying all this is... Chelsea rules. Shes NOT used to this around the clock on a regular basis. She has a sister and a nephew back home that she sees regularly, and a brother with a set of munchkins who lives out of state that she spends time with whenever possible... but that's completely different than spending 72 hours straight with Thing 1 and Thing 2. But oooo, lookie here, HOW she rose to the occasion:

Auntie Chelsea feeding the horses with the kids:

Auntie Chelsea indulging in funnel cakes with the kids (ok, I might have joined them on this one...):

Auntie Chelsea riding the "Magic School Bus" with D-Man:

Auntie Chelsea capturing heartwarming family moments from the side lines (but 'accidentally' cutting me out of the picture... hmmmm.):

Auntie Chelsea encouraging the kids to act like savages and break dance thru the picnic area during dinner:

Auntie Chelsea teaching Dawson how to make a pig nose (thaaaaanks...):

And Tyson encouraging Aunt Chelsea to teach the kids dirty tricks:

Aunt Chelsea DESPERATELY trying to convince the hellions (to no avail) that they need to come sit with her for a cute photo op. (We thought this was a lot more fun to watch in action than some boring posed picture anyhow...):

And this is where Aunt Chelsea spent the majority of the weekend commute. She never complained, not once, and in fact insisted on taking the back seat:

What a trooper.

Just goes to show what a great Mom she will someday make... if she chooses to do so.

I cant freaking wait to pay it forward.


The Bitchy Wife said...

Oh my gosh Beth, your kids are always so freakin' adorable in all of your photos!! They are like the adorable little kids that should be on TV commercials or something. They would make me buy juice.. :)

Beth McDermott said...

they could be on a commercial for a pain reliever... or maybe topamax spokeschildren!
they may be cute... but dont be fooled. you wittnessed the garage sale disaster of 2008...

The Bitchy Wife said...

hahaha I actually forgot about Dawson's back-side leak... Well, they are at least super cute to look at...and hey, I'd probably even volunteer to babysit. once maybe. can't guarantee anything after that though :)