Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ordinary Miracle

Im in love with gardens/gardening.

My kids love it too. I think its a good life lesson and also fun for them to literally watch the fruits of their labor ripen more each day right before their very eyes, until the sweet day when it all pays off and its time to harvest.

This year's garden isnt as elaborate as in the past, since our dinosaur dog now inhabits the site of last year's Eden. The bulk of the 'crop' is now located in the small-ish planter box running the legnth of our back yard, and consists of a few different kinds of tomato (including the lovely "Lemon Boys" pictured above), some berries that havnt ripened yet, eggplant, zucchini, bell pepper, and variety of flowers for color and to keep the bugs at bay...

Just within the last week, the colors are BURSTING!

Among the flowers at the end of the box are some sunflowers that are a bit of a mystery to us... the kids and I sowed their seeds during the day when Ty was at work a long time ago, and shortly after (before they had sprouted) Ty decided to move the back yard fence out a few feet. This also entailed moving the WHOLE ENTIRE PLANTER BOX, and when I came home and saw the heaps of my project laying all over the back yard, I thought for sure that would be the end of our unborn flowers.

Im saying this casually now, but there were some tears.

Im really into my garden.

I planted some more flowers in their place thinking it was a lost cause... but then... wait. Whats this? THREE little sunflowers stalks, all in a perfect row sprouted up. I thought the flowers and veggies already extablished in the box would choke them out, or vice versa... but every day we've been watching them flourish before our very eyes. Dawson measured them daily, first waiting for them to be taller than him... then taller than me... then taller than even his mighty Daddy... and it just kept growing and growing until one day, the 'bean stalk,' (as he righthtly decided it reminded him of) was as tall as the rooftop on our house with a big green crown on top!


So, then the wait turned into 'when is it going to open to look at the sun?'

I was hoping to myself it would open in time for the bridal shower I hosted in the back yard just last night... when early Sunday morning I glanced out the kitchen window, and suddenly there she was, shining back at me in all her golden splendor:

And that is how an ordinary miracle made the day of the McDermott family.

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Steph said...

ooh, I'm beth and my tomatoes are already turning colors and bugs don't eat them and my sunflowers understand that they are supposed to GROW TALL and deer don't devour all of my pepper plants.


PS, my phone shut down before I could read that last message. hope it wasn't something juicy.