Sunday, November 1, 2009

The "Whoa" Part of Whoa-Semite...

So... sorry. The last blog I was trying to post was wigging out, and I lost my motivation to regroup my thoughts for a few days. But I'm back now... and AS I was saying...

We had a fantastic time and couldn't wait for the part where we got to find out how Jerad was planning to go about this grand proposal event. Saturday night, Stephanie excused herself to the bathrooms (or something like that I think) and Jerad quickly grouped us around the campfire to spill the dirty details (FINALLY!).

They were NOT what we were expecting.

Stephanie was well aware of Jerad's evil plan all along. In fact, she was in on it... and he would NOT be proposing the next day, but actually tying the knot on the shores of a mountain stream in their sacred Yosemite, with all of us there and taking part in the ceremony.


It was a surprise wedding.

Steph was in on it all along, and had actually purchased a dress, brought flowers, obtained permits, and planned her little heart out without any of us knowing. So, after an amazing camp breakfast bright and early the next morning, we all mustered up our Sunday (suitcase) best, braved the primitive camp showers with community soap, shampoo and makeup, and prepared to be a part of the moment marking the rest of our dearest friend's lives.

Taylor was the only friend who was 'in' on the secret. He was secretly ordained to have the honor of marrying them.

We all had a part of the ceremony, to read a little something, say a little something, hold something, take pictures, etc.

I wish I had brought my clone along to take more pictures of the actual ceremony, but KJ snapped his little heart out with his trusty fancy pants camera the whole time. Im sure there will be many more quality snapshots to come. But it was absolutely breathtaking to be a speck in the shadows of nature's majesty, breathing the clean air, listening to and taking part in the promises of a lifetime to come.

Congratulations, Steph and Jerad! What an amazing suprise...

May all your troubles be little ones.

May all your children have wealthy parents!

May all your ups and downs be between the sheets.

Love you both! MUAH!


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Steph said...

haha in that pic of us and taylor I look like I'm scared to death but pretending to smile:)

I'm soooooo glad you were there, we had exactly the wedding we wanted with all our bffs:)