Wednesday, October 28, 2009


So, We've had a CRAZY month, full of weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, big fat bike rides rides, and all kinds of madness in between. Its been REAL fun, but we are exhausted.

We got a phone call in the midst of all the choas from our dear pal Jerad, announcing that he was FINALLY going to pop the question to his gem of a girlfriend, Stephanie Brown... and this was all to take place on a camping trip with all her nearest and dearest friends on the weekend of October 24th. It was literally the only weekend we werent doing anything over a period of 8 weeks... but not a chance we would pass it up.

We were told the event would happen Sunday, and when we all got up there, there would be a task assigned to each of us for this big event. The details were intentionally left vague, despite my persistant nagging for more information.

You KNOW I can't stand a juicy secret. ESPECIALLY from one of my nearest and dearest gal pals for all time... it was torture keeping my mouth shut. But I managed (ish). At least I still got to discuss it with those also involved... and anyone else removed enough from the circle so it wouldnt ruin the suprise.

We had a FANTASTIC time.

We werent sure Tyson would be able to get 2 days in a row off work, and since he was asked to be the designated photographer but couldnt commit right away, and I sure as heck wasnt heading out to the wilderness with 2 animalistic children all by myself, I had a brilliant idea to invite KJ (and his better half, Jessica) along. He is quite the photographer himself these days (and has a wayyyy nicer camera than most people), and he also happens to have a knack for nurturing animalistic children in the event of Tyson's absence. Plus, he's cool to hang out with.

In the end, Tyson ended up woring extra hard in the weeks before the trip so he could take 2 days in a row off, and everyone had a blast. Here are the couples that went, and some of our moments:

Steph and Jerad (sittin in a tree!):

Noah and Lucinda:

Dawson and Anabelle:

Taylor and Dominique:

Tina and Tom:

KJ and Jessica:

And... us.

Alright, blogger is wigging out. So I shall post a second part to this event at a later time... stay tuned.

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Steph said...

what a handsome group of people:)