Thursday, October 8, 2009

Picture Perfect

My Dawson had his kindergarten school pictures made yesterday.

Boys are a strange thing, because they are really effortless to get ready. You, like, make sure the dirt is scrubbed off their face, spit in your hand and slick the hair out of their eyes, and there good to go. The most difficult part about getting a boy ready is getting them to stand still! Its so nice, you don't have to match the hair clip to the outfit to the shoes, and argue with them around and around about why they cant wear polka dots with Christmas plaid. There are no accessories. They are either born with rugged good looks... or not (saaad but true).

I cant believe how effortlessly handsome my rough little rascal is these days.

He is looking and acting so grown up to me right now, but there is such a wonderful sweetness about him we are seeing more and more of. My little boy is tenderhearted, warm, thoughtful, and so freaking funny. I am already thinking of how incredibly lucky the woman he finds someday will be to have him for her husband.

I just adore the age he is at. Ty and I are starting to see TONS of character traits that remind us of each other. For instance, he is handsome and artistic like his dad... but he has my eyes and twisted humor.

Today I got to help in his classroom for about an hour (thanks for standing in on the home front, Mom!). He was so delighted to have me there, I felt his little eyes watching every move I made the entire time. Occasionally we would make eye contact across the room, and he would grin and wink at me. I wanted to burst into tears, it made me so happy.

Thanks for being my son, Dawson.

I love you past the moon, the stars, the Polar Express, and all the chocolate rainbows in the sky.

And I cant wait to see your adorable school pictures.

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