Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tour De Templeton [Wino on Bikes]

This Saturday, my Beautiful, Talented and Hard Working wife took a break ftom her child rearing throne, set down her ice cream cone and set out for a 75 mile bike ride with [one of] her best friends, Kari Hamilton.

The Templeton Wine and Roses bike ride was not a race, but a bike ride to raise some money and get people to see the amazing area that we live in. (or an excuse to drink some wine and try and stay on a bike) 50, 75 or 100 miles through the back wine country of north SLO County.... Paso Robles, Templeton, Creston, Park Hill..... and a ending BBQ at the Templeton Park.

Beth, Kari and Jill (Kari's old college roommate) started off the festivities bright and early at 6:30am Templeton. I didn't have the honors of seeing them leave or come home, but it sounded like a hoot of a time.

Along the way they had some amazing rest-stops serving up fruit, muffins, water and wine (ok, maybe wine at the end). But you know some of the riders had something in their 2nd water bottles.

After 43 heart wrenching miles, Kari honorably bowed out of the ride after her trick knee forecasted the rains of El NiƱo to come as she yelled for Beth to go on without her. This allowed Beth to watch the wide open country, tumbleweeds and a few ground squirrels for the next 32 miles.

Kari giving her best "I can't for our new health care" smile
Congratulations Beth for your hard work and dedication for running, biking and working out. Sorry I couldn't be there, but I'm proud of you for doing this. Thanks, Kari for being Beth's buddy....


Hammie Fam said...

Beth you rock girl!! 65+ miles down. And you claim you are always the underdog. I never saw an underdog do that! I am so proud! Thank you for never turning down a challenge. A triathlon and the longest ride of your life. All in 2 weeks. Love you wifey!

Rachel said...

Yay Beth! Great job!!