Friday, October 16, 2009

Winning the War on Toddler-ism

More proof that the toddler years are a fading memory, and the golden years of childhood are upon us in the McDermott home...

Remember when you were little, and your wicked parents made you clean the bathroom and fold your laundry before you could go to your friend's house for the day, and you knew, I mean, you really really really just knew, that the only reason your parents ever bothered to have children in the first place was so they could raise you to be their personal slaves and they could just sit around on their golden thrones licking ice cream cones and counting the clouds while you were left to polish their entire kingdom until it was so shiny you could see yourself in every sparkle?

I definitely remember.

Which is why Im SO thrilled my own little slaves are coming of age... cleaning age, that is.


Chores my kids can officially do with minimal or no supervision:

  • Make their beds.
  • Empty the silverware.
  • Vacuum their bedrooms (which means sharing my Dyson, which scares me a little, but well worth the control I have to put aside).
  • Food and water the dogs.
  • Set and clear the table.
  • Sort/fold laundry (socks and dishtowels) and put away their own clothes.
  • General light pick up around the house.

I can only hope they will continue to do this for circus peanuts and desert after dinnertime for our family eternity... I'm almost considering homeschooling them to keep them away from their peers who may leak dirty words such as 'allowance' or 'privileges' into their rapidly developing vocabulary.

But for now... I'm rather enjoying my ice cream cone.

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Rachel said...

I love this!

Julie has chores too, puting her clothes in the laundry, making her bed and putting her dishes in the sink! She does get money in her piggy bank once a week, but she gets a penny. we tried to giver her a nickle, but she said she liked the brown ones....go figure!

Hooray for personal slaves!