Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Two Stooges

My kids had my sides splitting all day today from all the silly things they said and did. Here are just a few of them from today alone:


Dawson: "Anabelle is a mean sister. Lets get rid of her. We could sell her for one dollar."

Me: "NO WAY! I would miss her... and so would you..."

Dawson: "Alright. Maybe we could just tickle her until her eyes pop out and her mouth falls off. That way, she would walk right into everything all day long, and never be able to eat ice cream again..."


Me: "Anabelle... How was school?"

Anabelle: "Good. Jofeth (Joseph) got to lead lines. He is mean to me. All the boys are mean to us, and all the girls want to be friends with us (the 'us' refers to her other half, Addie)."

Me: What is Mrs. Jana like?

Anabelle: ...."uh.... her's just like me... but her loves God."


Dawson: "Hey Mom? Is this one of the markers that will cut you?"

Me: "Um... no, its just a regular marker. But only grown ups can use it because it will make a big mess if you dont use it right."

Dawson: "But can it make you have blood?"

Me: "No... I don't know of a marker that can do that..."

Dawson: "Dad says some of the markers are Sharp-y..."


And last but NOT least... if you're my facebook friend you've already heard the short version, but I have to write it out so my kids will have it to look back on...

Last night all the kids were playing in the street before bed, and my neighbor Alissa offered to put Anabelle's hair in the rag curls for her school picture day today. We sat on the curb till long after dark rolling her hair and tying it up in knots. Every time she wiggled we would remind her to 'sit still, so you'll look extra beautiful for your pictures tomorrow...'

This morning she woke up and demanded her breakfast as usual, and since Alyssa warned me I would need a good 10 minutes to untie all the rags I set to work while she was occupied with her golden grahams and Elmo. All of a sudden both Dawson and Anabelle snapped into sudden awareness after I had untied a few and simultaneously began to screech "NOOOOOO!!!! MOM! Don't take them out, THEY'RE FOR THE PICTURES!!! Anabelle wants to be BEAUTIFUL FOR THE PICTURES!!!"

They totally thought she was going to school with her hair in rags, I never thought to explain that they leave soft and fluffy ringlet curls when you take them out the next morning.

Whoops, my bad.

I'm living and learning as I go along, here.

And laughing a LOT along the way.

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Jillian said...

they are so...cute! love it all, especially "sharp-y" HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I love how - to the point kids are!