Monday, November 23, 2009


The other day, Anabelle approached me all tearey eyed and pouty lipped. She chokes out "Mom. Dawson says he doesn't love me, and that makes me sad because I really really love him."

I know she is especially dramatic these days but her little act actually tugged on the one remaining string of pity i have left in my blackened mom heart. So naturally I found Dawson and sat him down for a lil chat.

We talked for a while about our family, and how important of a part we all play, and how we are a team and we need to look out for each other. We talked about how people feel when they get their feelings hurt, and why its not OK to say you don't love someone who is that important even when you might not like something they're doing.
I thought to myself by the end of it that he'd really gotten the right impression as I gently prompted "what do you think you need to say to your sister...?"

He looked her straight in the eye with the deepest and most heartfelt remorse and sweetly responded,

"Anabelle, I'm so sorry that I don't love you."

Last night I was teaching him the magical wonder of 'pinkie promises.' Tyson and I said something cheesy, and then hooked pinkies to demonstrate how it works. Then, Dawson wanted to give it a try. I said, "OK, Dawson, I want you to PINKY PROMISE Mommy that you will grow up and be a doctor who makes lots of money and saves lots of sick people's lives." He shook his head and firmly replied,

"NO, Mom! I want to be an ice cream truck driver!"

I think its the first time in my life I actually wished for a broken promise.

Tyson noticed there is a small crack in our living room TV set yesterday. The daycare kids are constantly touching it and sometimes pounding it or throwing things at it before I can tell them to stop, since its at eye level with the toddlers I'm shocked its taken this long to happen.

Ty was not as understanding (can you blame him?). He started muttering about how getting a crack in a TV set is bad bad bad news, and Dawson, who is overhearing this, pipes up with deep concern and says "...because when there is a crack in the TV, Indiana Jones can jump out of it?"

Dawson is just so amazing to me on so many levels right now. I feel like 5 is the big fat 'parenting pay-off,' where he finally knows what is expected of him, and is not only eager to meet our expectations, but to exceed them. He tries with all his little heart to find ways to show Ty and I how much he loves and cares for us, it just melts me. He loves to be polite, make the 'right' choice (and then point it out to us), and be the 'older' big brother (even though Anabelle doesn't see him that way... yet).
The kids are playing along side each other so amazingly well these days. Last night, I was making dinner and Tyson ran to the grocery store on a quick errand. Dawson and Anabelle were in his room playing Lego's THE ENTIRE TIME, I didn't say a single word to them, and there was not one melt down.

They also spent some time with their great grandma Violet in her new apartment downtown this weekend. The kids got a great report for their excellent manners and came home and spoke several times of how much they loved spending time with 'the old people.' HA. It kind of burned my ears to hear them talk so irreverently of the elderly, but they said it so sweetly, and fondly, and I guess when you're 5, EVERYONE is an old person. So we let it slide.

Lastly, I wanted to brag a bit about Dawson's billiant artistic ability. His teacher pointed out his talent in the conference we just had, particularly for being the youngest in his class his small motor skills are pretty amazing.
Here is a copy of the coloring contest entry we are sending in to the newspaper. I know I'm bias, but I think he's brilliant and I bet he wins big:
And below is a little list of a few of the things Dawson is most thankful for this year.
Just when you thought you couldn't love and appreciate your kid ANY more than you already do... you can!:
If you're wondering about the yellow and blue in the right corner... that is a picture of him about to fall in the river at Mr. Jerad's wedding. Just ask him about it. ;):

Here is the evidence that the first Dawsonism is just plain and simple poppycock:

What an awesome kid I have.


Steph said...

tooootallyy want a copy of that drawing for our wedding scrapbook! um. hopefully Abelle doesn't make one too:)

Elissa said...

i sorta thought the magical-ness ends around four... this made me change my mind... what a little sweetheart...

forevermoores said...

so cute!! hope you guys are doing great :) xoxo

Beatrice Blount said... a non-biased party, I would like to concur that Dawson's art is in fact very, very good. I should know, because my kids are totally genius and all.