Monday, December 7, 2009

Rotten Little Gingerbread Girl

Forgive my lack of posting. As previously mentioned, our camera was, ahem, inexplicably broken '...all by itself!...' according to all the tiny wittnesses of the incident. Its hard to find the motivation to blog without my muse's posing for visual aide along the way.

My 'Merry' is arriving late this year, but I actually woke up this morning feeling a little bit of holiday cheer in my Grinchy cold heart. I did not scream humbug at the Christmas songbird that was crapping buckets of holly jolly raindrops upon my head... good thing, too. I hear its supposed to pour cats and dogs all week, I wouldn't have a voice left if I started shouting expletives on day one...

ANYways. I just thought on that jingly note I would share a little Christmas story with all-yall (hi, Mom!).

This morning was a slow morning at Apple Valley Daycare (tell your friends, I NEED MORE BABIES TO LOVE, I am bored out of my mind with the only 2 kids I currently have!), so we had Anabelle's friend Addie over and we all sat down for a little Christmas craft aka: trash Mom's clean kitchen with glue and glitter (told you I found my Christmas cheer, now THAT is downright human kindness right there).

We cut gingerbread people out of a paper template we printed off the Internet, then the girls decorated them to match each member of their family and we glued them to a paper and glittered them to death.

Addie wanted a police man hat for her daddy, and a scarf for her mommy... then she wanted to be in the middle of the page, holding her new gingerbread baby brother... awe. Their whole family was holding hands, at her request.

Anabelle Lee also poured her heart into her project, but when it came time to pick the order in which they were to be pasted to the page, she was VERY insistent that she be next to her daddy, holding his hand and Dawson be closer to me. Ok, fine, whatever.

I glued the family to the page as she requested (demanded), but when it came time for me to put Dawson in, holding MY hand, she freaked out. No, no no no, NO!, Dawson was NOT to hold my hand, he could be next to me, but holding HER hand. This meant that she was holding Tyson's hand, Dawson was holding her hand, and I was on the other side of the page, allll alone.

When I brought this to her attention she smiled wickedly, and said "I know."

Then, she glued the eyes on the people.

Daddy got 2 giant happy google eyes.

She and Dawson each got proportionately smaller happy google eyes (smaller people, smaller eyes, naturally).

When it was time for mommy gingerbread's eyes... Welp.

I got one Giant sized bugged googly eye, and one teensey tiny crazy lazy google eye.

I said "that makes me look funny..."

Again, she chuckled to her herself and chimed ..."I know..."

So apparently, I am the crazy lazy eye mom in the corner of the room, and she and Dad and Dawson are nothing short of Christmas awesomeness.

She can laugh all she wants now, but I bet SHE will be the one with the crazy eyes on Christmas morning when Santa leaves her a stocking full of coal...



Steph said...

um... thats when you make your OWN picture. revenge.

Rachel said...

HaHaHa! I love this! Julie is the same way right now. She gives me looks like I am the devil! Glad to know I am not alone!!!

Beatrice Blount said...

laughing so hard i almost weat my stitches

Anonymous said...

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