Monday, November 2, 2009

McDermott Monster Mash

We are allll sugared out round these here parts of town.

All the Halloween festivities began last Thursday, with a small daycare and neighborhood gathering where we frosted cupcakes and decorated pumpkins... and all the adorables sported their finest costume and dress up apparel.

That night, while the house was still good and trashed (the mark of ANY good party), we had the great pumpkin slaughter of 2009. Dawson really wanted to enter his spooky face in the pumpkin carving contest the next day. He drew the face he wanted on a piece of paper, and Tyson helped cut it out on the pumpkin. He won third place! Following in his father's artistic footsteps already.

This was the first year he would have ANY part in sticking his hand in the slime and seeds. He really really really didnt want to do it, but finally talked himself into it. Since I can remember including him, he will not WONT and no DONT make him do it put his hands inside the goo. He was (is?) downright petrified... and this year he's just about grown out of the phobia, apparently. Awwwww.
This was a bittersweet year for me... it was the first year the kids had their own ideas about what to dress up as. Ive always had the pleasure of extorting them in whatever adorable matchiness I could clever up...

2005 Dumbledoor, Molly Weasley (A-belle baby bump), Baby Harry Potter:
2006 baby bumblebee and his delicate little flower:

2007 Captain Hook and the Crocodile (obviously both VERY busy that year, couldnt even hold still for a decent pic!):
2008 Superman and Supergirl (Super Mom wore a cowgirl outfit that day, heh)!:

Anyhoot. Obviously, we've done some major growing up, and I've had more than fun dressing my little puppets up any which way I pleased. This year, they both made independent selections, and although they weren't matchy-matchy, they looked pretty durn cute if I may say so.
2009 Princess Aurora and Army Man Dawson (Oh... and Tyson the Redneck, who is almost too painful to look at...):

Our neighborhood is QUITE a candy brothel on October 31st... it gets more happenin' every year. My parents have been our faithful candy dispensers the past few years since we are out hoarding masses of candy with the best of them. Even Kyle made an appearance this year!

Arent they amazing sports?:

Needless to say, a grand old time . And Im still coming off a sugar high myself... someone has to save the little darlings from the gluttony of it all! you didn't do the saaaame thing.

Now bring on the turkey and pumpkin pie!... and the giant sized blue jeans. (sigh)



Hammie Fam said...

1-the Harry Potter get up doesn't even look like you.

2-forgot to tell you Addie told your dad, "Since you're a lion, you can be friends with ME!!!"

Steph said...

r when Dawson was baby Harry! That was my favorite Halloween party ever:)

.heidi.noelle. said...

Beth, can I just say this...I love your life :)