Sunday, November 15, 2009

Five is a Four Letter Word a Mom who can't believe how fast time has come and stolen her little baby boy.

As of yesterday, at 11:27am, Dawson is officially a 5 year old. I know everyone else seems as blown away as I am at how fast its gone by. I was surprised at how sad it makes me to know he will probably never again smell like baby powder and sour milk, and at how happy it makes me to see him so grown up and loving every moment of the world around him. I spent the 2 days before Saturday begging, no, PLEADING with him... "Dawson! NO! Don't do it! DON'T turn 5! PLEASE stay 4, FOREVER! That's why they call it 4! You have to stay it FOUR-EVER!" He thought this was hilarious, so we talked about it constantly. An old woman in the grocery store overheard such discussion, and she curtly asked, "Well, then, young lady... would you mind telling us how old YOU are?!"... to which I smartly replied, "Why, yes ma'am. I am four years old."

He didn't buy it. But in the end, he DID say I could still call him my little baby, even when he is 5. We shook on it.

On Friday (the 13th, no less!), we took rice krispie treats with gingerbread man sprinkles on top (because we are STILL not over 'gingerbread week' from the second week of school) to his class. I got to stay and help awhile, as Mrs. Romera was out sick and the sub was overly happy to have me. And I was overly happy to be there. And Dawson always loves it when I go. Win.Win.Win.

Saturday morning, Dawson received a good and proper 5 year old wake up call, to the HAPPY BIRTHDAY! song and dance party, and a highly decorated every-square-inch of the house. I think his face is permanently stuck in an ear-to-ear grin, because he wore it all day long.

(Health food for breakfast. Mmmmmmmmm.)
We had a lazy morning, while he played his new Indiana Jones video game from Tyson and I, counted all his birthday card loot over and over and over again, and had random bursts of balloon fights with his almost as excitable sister while I hung out in the kitchen putting the finishing touches on party details for the afternoon. This year, he was allowed to invite five friends, because he is five years old... and we settled on a bicycle theme. My parents generously offered their amazing private city park of a yard for the event.

Party favors of course included water bottles and first aid kits from the dollar store. The kids LOVED them...
...and I loved watching all the five year olds toddle around on their bikes thru the obstacle course in the driveway. Ty and Dawson built a ramp out of ply wood for the occasion, and at one point we had a small wipe out for one of the kids. I teasingly called "Get the first aide kit! Get the first aid kit!" and one of the cute little kindergartners yells back "I WANT THE SECOND-AID KIT!" Soo adorable and hilarious.

The party was a short 2 hours, we did a small craft making a 'license plate' for their bikes, and then we did the obstacle course, a pinata, cake, and the kids just played and played in my parent's amazing back yard tree house and on the trampoline until it got cold and almost dark (which doesn't take long these days in case you haven't noticed... BRRRR!).

These girls CRACK me up, Addie lost her bike privileges due to a morning of behavioral discrepancies... she was bummed to not have it when everyone else was doing the obstacle course (because her Mom is a great mom who sticks to her guns...) but of COURSE her bff Anabelle didn't see it that way at all, and the stinkers quickly devised a plan to make sure Addie was included in all the fun. They are so rotten and adorable.

So, there you have it. The boy is five. And he says he already LOVES it.

Secretly, I do too. But please don't let it get back to him... im afraid if word gets out, this getting older thing may become a nasty habit for him.


Steph said...

you always throw the most amazing b-day parties!!!! And what a sweet 5 year old:)

Elissa said...

there is no way this is going to happen to me someday... i'll figure out something before then...

Beatrice Blount said...

ok THANKS for upping the bar for all of us normal parents. my kids will expect me to write on the walls in reference to their birthday, and i don't think i want to share the markers.