Monday, March 9, 2009

Prince Charming And A Snotty Little Princess

Call it bad parenting, but today... I sent Anabelle to preschool with a snot nose.

It was only the third day of the Hounds program, and since it is for just three short months, they make it pretty clear that its not desirable for your kid to stay home when avoidable. She fought a cold all weekend but woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning... and then started to trickle just a smidgen right before she left. She kept insisting she felt "GOOD!" and then at the mere mention of staying home with her wicked witch of a mother she captivated me with those oh-so-sweet "please don't crush my hopes and dreams and one chance at early admittance into a Ive League school by denying me my third day of preschool, please please please mommy!" eyes...

So I sent her.

When the kids came home, they bounced thru the front door with arm loads of art projects and lunch boxes as usual and when I asked Dawson how his day was he proudly puffed out his big brother chest and shined his big brother badge of courage as he flashed me a huge grin and valiantly announced...

"Anabelle had a snot nose... so I let her use my jacket to wipe it today!"

'Um. Thank you... and gross. Go wash your hands.'

Auntie Carly told him that's exactly what prince charmings are supposed to do for their fair maidens.

And in some disgusting way, I happen to agree.


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.heidi.noelle. said...

Haha! I love it :)

So...if you ever happen to see my Mum again you should TOTALLY tell her that, I think it would make her life :D