Friday, March 20, 2009

"Crappy" Birthday Retraction

That's right. I'm behind in saying so, but I actually did have a great birthday after all, despite all my greatest efforts not to.

I am posting on this day as a reminder to myself for next year, when I start to crawl underground in preparation for the looming cloud of darkness, that when you have such a great group of family and friends in your life, theres really not a lot to complain about (even a birthday).

My first birthday love of the day was from my family (Tyson) left on the kitchen table... for garden season is just around the bend and that, friends, is my favorite time of year...

My fabulous in-laws also funded my veggie garden and bought me a lovely little garden gnome (bet you didn't think such a thing existed! NEITHER DID I, but I love him, I MUST name him and post on him later!). I can't wait for the last frost so I can get digging already!

My Mom stopped by with a sweet card and a 'new running shoes' allowance. I already bought them, they rule... theys my magic shoes (and, they're purdy too!).

The rest of the day included not one, but TWO birthday cakes, one custom made from my fabulous friend and neighbor, the cake goddess of my universe,the one and only Alyssa Bright of Incredible Edibles (buttercream frosting with lemon cake... Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. Ate all of. Want more of.)

And THIS little beauty (complete with curly party ribbons and yellow daffodil candles) was created by my sweet , lovely, dear mother-in-law and went fantastically with our lasagna dinner. Scrumptious!

The rest of the day included other fabulous presents from fabulous people at random:

Flowers from people I love (thanks, Sylvia!)

A nice brisk jog with my wonderful sister, a beer with the girls at the end of the evening... and watching the lovelies having the time of their lives taking an all natural mud bath in the world's most giant puddle in an empty lot next to our house.

Saturday I had the pleasure of a girl's day out (completely birthday un-related where people happened to still be saying and doing nice things that happen to coincide loosely with the same-ish time of year....)

We hit Sephora for some makeup madness,

and headed out to a couple local wineries to find some trouble.

Yup. We found it.

We finished up the evening with a lovely dinner at our neighborhood bar and grill. And I came home with a headache... just as planned.

Rachel bought my dinner, Stephanie funded my Urban Decay fetish, and there was also a wide assortment of birthday mail/emails/facebook love notes and packages that trickled in in the days directly following.

All of my dreams came true, and I have the best people EVER in my life.

Thanks for loving me so much, guys!

Even on my birthday.



Rachel said...

Hooray for birthday fun! You deserve it all and more!

.heidi.noelle. said...

Happy "belated" Birthday Love! Looks like it was a royal good time...I know I have thee worst jokes! :)