Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Little Hounds

Anabelle is over the moon for today she has officially entered the magical land of 'big kid."

She started preschool.

It was a bit sudden and definitely not something I had high hopes of working out, particularly with Tyson's current employment status. But this program is called "Little Hounds," and it is offered thru Atascadero High School, taught by upper class students taking a child development course. The high school kids plan the lessons and entertain the kids for class credits, with a teacher supervising them. There are several high school kids in the class, and not a huge amount of kids... so the ratio of supervision is amazing!

The best part of all... its 2 half days a week, for all of March, April, and May... and the cost is... are you ready? ARE YOU???



I was super lucky to get Anabelle in, word travels fast and more people are on the wait list every year. Priority goes to siblings of other kids who have done the program before. When I called to get on the list I was made no promises, but sure enough about a couple weeks before the program started I had all but lost hope when I randomly got all the forms in the mail!

I went down to register last Friday and give the woman a check to hold her spot.

Before I went in, I said a prayer for Dawson to get in somehow. We already pretty much decided it wouldn't be financially practical or even possible to keep him in the preschool he is currently going to without Tyson working (Little Lambs is almost $300/mo for a few half days a week!). If I had known at the time I put Anabelle on the list that Dawson would be in need of preschool I would have put him on the list also or in place of Anabelle since he starts Kindergarten soon and would benefit more than her. Anyways, long story short, I caught the teacher at the exactly perfect moment where she just found out a kid wouldn't be able to come, and he got in too!

Best part... siblings... $50 discount.

So for 3 months of preschool for two kids... $150. Amazing!

Better still... my parents offered to fund their grand children's early childhood education.

I am beyond overwhelmed that this has worked out so perfectly, it reminds me that God is in control and his eye is on these little sparrows.

The kids were elated to have each other to share the experience with. Dawson tried to tell all his friends at his old school goodbye on Monday "because he is going to his sister's new school" (even tho he is paid thru the end of the month and its non refundable so he will still be there a few more times).

Anabelle was SO excited all morning long, the moment she opened her eyes she knew what day it was. School didn't start until 9:30 and she was up at the crack of dawn... it was torture for her to wait. She squealed and giggled and ran all thru the house with her new butterfly lunch box she bought with her birthday money... and when I asked her what she wanted to wear her first day she looked at me like "DUHHHHHHH, what is wrong with you Mom!" and said "A dress! And this one is my choice."

Then she chose the brown one with pink polka dots that I think is absolutely adorable on her.

Mommy's girl.

When we got there the kids ran right into the middle of all the chaos, didn't even look over their shoulders.

Actually I take that back... Anabelle did look up momentarily to tell me to 'leave now.'

And that was that.

Shot of the day... Anabelle completely miserable to say goodbye to her tearful mother....



Jillian said...

They're growing up so fast! So we really need to set up a time for me to come by...I want to show you my girlies and let Carter see his old friends : )

Steph said...

ha on my, A-belle's little faces! Maybe some day they will miss you? Like when they go to highschool? Er, or get married? Jk, you're doing a great job and SCORE that you guys got into the Little Hounds.

Liz did the Little Tigers in SLO and LOVED it! The "Teachers" do a great job because they are all students who want to be teachers when they graduate later!

Kayla said...

I was in that program when I was in High school. It was a lot of fun and we did SOOOO much with the kids and made lesson plans every day. I am sure she will have a wonderful time!

Monica said...

I worked at Little Hounds in High School...I also worked at Little Lambs, North Country Christian and Monterey Road for a Semester ;)and P.s. I'm moving home...in May. Shhh.