Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Early Bird Gets the Worm

Some kids want breakfast the second their feet hit the floor in the morning.

Some kids want to sit on the couch in a fog and be ignored until they come to terms with their day.

MY kids pop up, demand their cocoa (always with perfect manners, naturally), and then set straight to work solving the quadratic formula and looking for natural remedies to help soothe arthritis for the elderly.

OK, maybe not quite. But they DO like their cocoa first thing... and they ARE morning people. Like their Mom! (See, Tyson... Dawson isn't ALL of your genes... theres no denying I'm in there somewhere too!).

Sunday Dawson shot out of bed bright and early as usual, and sat on the counter chatting away while I warmed his milk and stirred in the shot of sugar-free-sorry-excuse-for-chocolate-goo.

He decided to pass the time as he waited sounding out the following words, and writing each and every letter articulately as a brain surgeon... by memory! I swear there were still sleepy boogers in his eyes, I was so shocked at his ingenuity I almost dropped the faux-cocoa.

The boy is barely 4.

He is sounding out every word he sees. He read aloud "Food4Less" in the grocery store a couple weeks ago. He guessed each and every letter of our last name perfectly as I sounded it out for him.

Also? They boy is an artist (I know, Ive already bragged on this one before but I thought this picture he made in Sunday school was the most adorable thing...):

He is crying... but has a happy face 'because Jesus makes him happy when he is feeling sad.'

Break my heart, why don't you?

With all his many talents, theres just no doubting this kid will soar...

Lets just pray he capitalizes on one of his intellectual abilities and saves the record spinning and slapstick comedy act for his night job to help pay the Dartmouth tuition tab.

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