Thursday, March 26, 2009

Beautiful People, Beautiful Things

So I've had a tough couple weeks.

I'd like to believe I'm not feeling too sorry for myself... but I know reality is that we all have our moments of self pity.

I think my silver lining in all of the turbulence (aside from knowing God is faithful, and still having our health) is just again seeing all of the amazing women that have been placed in my life that are constant examples, encouragement, and inspiration.

Not to say this is the only way to show love to a friend, or that it makes all the worries disappear, but I just wanted to acknowledge that within a single week I have gotten FOUR bunches of flowers.

The first were from Kari, who is just sweet, and happens to know I adore me some daffodil...

(Sorry they look a little sad now... unfortunately I didnt capture the essence in time and sadly they just don't last forever).

The next were from Sylvia, who sent me a birthday bouquet a couple short weeks ago, and was appalled that the flowers she had ordered from an online picture of a beautiful bunch in a glass vase arrived in a box that I had to self trim ON MY BIRTHDAY (ohhh, the atrocity of it all!).

She then actually took the time to call the company and suggest their photo was a smidge misleading and they offered to resend me flowers of her choice for the misunderstanding.

Next thing I knew these lovely tulips arrived from the delivery man!:

The third were from my little brother's sweet girlfriend Jessica after I may have had had a slight nervous breakdown on the phone with KJ that morning when I couldn't find my keys and I smacked my head on my mom's car door in a moment of panic so hard I saw stars and Tweedy birds. I guess he told her I was having a day (week/month/year?), and next thing I knew I was holding these little hand delivered beauties:

And the last... were from Tyson. Lets just say the doghouse was getting hard to sleep in.

Thanks to all of my girlfriends so much for filling my life with hope and love and my home with the cheer of Springtime.


Lastly (how could I almost forget!?), my sweet Dawsie Bug (who is such a sweetheart and adores giving things to his Mommy to make her happy) picked this little wildflower at the park for me, and then insisted on taking my picture with it.

Not bad for an amateur photographer, if I may say so!:

I have so many good things to live for, and good people to live with.

I am truly a rich woman... and I have the floral arrangements to prove it.


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