Monday, March 2, 2009

Crappy Birthday

OK, Sylvia, this one's for you!

Yes, I have been absent for awhile yet again. We've mostly been busy trying to figure our lives out now that we've been thrown the old curve ball. Tyson has been spending most of his free time applying for anything and everything he can until he figures out what he wants to be when he grows up. I don't want to jinx anything so I'm not posting about it just yet, but he has a couple promising leads, we are cautiously optimistic for his future employment opportunity.

I've been snapping pictures here and there of the kids but nothing profound has happened in these last few weeks, so I'm waiting for some new blog material to... materialize.

Wednesday is my 26th birthday. If you are my girlfriend in real life, you know how difficult I am this time of year.

Sorry bout that.

I don't know what it is exactly that sends me into a downward spiral of dark Birthday funk each year, but (its the darnedest thing!) the older I get, the harder it seems to hit me.

I think I'm a generally content person, I usually like my life, I have most of the things I want and all of the things I need... When my birthday is NOT closing in on me I think to myself how stupid it is to be so dramatic about this wretched day, and what a bad friend I am for putting people who are looking out for me and love me through a gantlet of guessing games as to whether they should ignore it entirely or throw me the quinceanera I never had.

And yet, sure enough...despite my greatest efforts to rationalize with myself... a dark cloud of gloom settles in around the middle of February... and I can't seem to think clearly anymore. All I want is for March 5th to be here... a day when I can finally step into the sunshine that has probably been there all along and drink in the early signs of Spring I've managed to overlook for weeks in the midst of the shadow of darkness.

...aaaaand there's that dramatic flare I was talking about. But go easy on me, because like it or not... I have 48 hours of depression left ahead of me (plus or minus). And I do happen to think Im pretty worth the "mood swings of March" throughout the rest of the year. If you happen to disagree... do yourself a favor and don't tell me that until Thursday.

On an up note... I have decided to drink my birthday money this year! I opened a few early birthday cards that came in the mail (I like to drag out the suffering), and I am pleased to announce that If I order off the Happy Hour menu, I am already at hangover status!

If all goes well, I might have a new birthday tradition to dread...

Who wants to come?


Steph said...

Ha, it cracks me up that we are combining your birthday with Tina's since you are like the scrooge of b-days and she gets just as excited as I do and thinks puppies are raining from the sky.

Instead of "Estrogen Fest '09" we can call it "Girly Day Fun Fest '09" how about that?

Beth McDermott said...

eh, Ill be fine by Saturday. By then... I will be rich with birthday card love and ready to celebrate with Tina and her damn raining puppies for her special day!

Beatrice Blount said...

I was afraid to even comment on your page last week. Are you back to normal now? By the way, at 26 my body started waging war against me and wanted to be fat. I told it no, but it keeps fighting with me. So far 27 has been just as difficult. Stoopid birthday.