Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Oh, Brother, Where Art Thou?

So, last Fall KJ officially hacked off the apron strings and moved way down south, away from home cooked meals, free rent, and the comfort of his hot girlfriend's arms on the weekends... and into a man-crib with a bunch of guys across the street from a college campus in Azusa (can't you practically hear the party noise all the way from here?).

I've really missed having him around, not that we really saw much of each other, but just that I know he won't drop in and beg for food unannounced, or just be a phone call and cash bribe away from watching my kid's for an afternoon...

I pictured him in a dumpy little rat hole, possibly camping out on the floor in shreds of newspaper and sawdust surrounded by empty Slurpee cups and beer bottles. Sleeping in the clothes he wore yesterday... and the day before... because Mom wasn't around to do laundry, of course. I thought there would be pizza boxes and dumpy furniture, mold in the toilet, and lots of loud noises icky smells (again... nobody to clean up the milk spoiling in the cereal bowl under his bed from last week!).

You get the picture... freshman college boy heaven!

As much as I was certain this lifestyle wouldn't bother him in the least bit, being the big sis and all I felt a bit unsettled about it. But then, on our way home from Arizona... I finally dropped in saw it for myself.


It was tidy, there were no smells but good smells, no moldy or hairy toilets, and it was oddly quiet! (Though from the sight of the GIANT TV and handful of awesome looking guitars adorning the living room walls, he has me fooled there...)

Anyway, Mom... here is a tour of KJ's (surprisingly clean, quiet, and functional!) little pad:

Look! Clean, color co-ordinated clothes, and a slip covered couch! Impressive!

They hung WALL ART!

There are actually 2 bedrooms but I didn't want to be the creep that took pictures of other peoples rooms and posted them all over the Internet... well, Ok, I kind of wanted to be that creep, but I refrained.

Also, I didn't get the bathroom, again, the creep factor, but trust me, it passed inspection.

Aaaaanyways, this is KJ and his lover Stephen's room:

(Bunk beds, how flippin adorable is that!?)

And, get a load of this closet space, I'm positive I never EVER had this much closet until I BOUGHT A HOUSE, and even now I think he has more hanging room (that's what she said)...

After the grand tour, we walked across the street and hit up a cool local Mexican food joint. It was the kind that looks like a total dive in the daylight, but gets a TON of business after the bars close. The grub was goooooood, and I have to say, I felt a little nostalgic about the fact that my little brother had to rescue me and buy lunch when we went to pay with our debit card and he shot me a sideways glance and cooly handed the man a $20. It was cash pay only... and HE HAD CASH.

Little KJ is all growed up. And I feel pretty durn good about him.


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