Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Best Friend's Wedding (Chapter 1.)

So we're home from Arizona and finally (almost) unpacked. We had SUCH a good time, I'm just a smidgen depressed that its OVER (and by 'smidgen,' I mean 'I've been wearing the same clothes for days and haven't showered or seen sunlight since returning,' haha).

I've decided to break up the bloggage into a couple (few?) parts since we did SO MUCH in a short amount of time, and I have SO MANY pictures. So keep checkin back and I will post pieces as I have short moments of sanity!

We decided to leave the kidlets behind. I had a brief moment of clouded judgement, thinking they would be fun to show off, old enough to enjoy a road trip, and be well mannered and patient thru all the non child-oriented events of the weekend... and then I laughed at myself so hard I almost peed my pants, and called up the grandparents. Genius!

We left late afternoon New Years day, and caravaned with Steph and Jerad who were driving a car of her grandparent's to Arizona for them. Stephanie graciously arranged for us to stay a night at a half way point in Cathedral City at her Grandma's empty house to break the trip up. It worked out beautifully!

It was a great opportunity to just relax and laugh and 'reconnect' with Tyson, spending hours in a quiet car with NO Dora theme song or flying goldfish crackers coming from the back seat.

Dear Tyson: this grumpy pic is payback for being crabby to me when you got us lost. (again).:

Mmmmk, enough about that. When we arrived in Arizona on Friday afternoon, we checked into our hotel (that Steph and Jerad shared with us to split the cost, and they were fabulous roommates!), and the staff was super sweet, the lady remembered me from booking the reservation with my children squealing in the background and she upgraded us to a bigger room. Awesome. Steph and I got all HAWT in our party outfits, and then we all headed over to start the bachlorette festivities at Chelsea's.

My neighbor Alyssa Bright has quite a tasty little home business called Incredible Edibles. She is a cake genius/ artist extraordinaire, and she fashioned this delectable little masterpiece special for Chelsea's event... which we all enjoyed eating almost as much as we enjoyed playing with.

There were more than a dozen girls in attendance for the first portion of the evening, which involved delish dinner at LaBocca in Tempe,

and then we had a brief regroup back at Chelsea's for cake and presents (ok, and maybe a game or two, but you gotta be in the inner circle to get the privilege of those details!).

I guess there's not much more to disclose about the rest of the evening, as my children may someday read this blog... heh. But I will leave you with this, and I'm sure you get the idea.

Like I said... good thing we left the kids at home.